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With Wonder Woman, DC Comics Finally Gets It Right - The Atlantic

Like ​The Atlantic? Subscribe to ​The Atlantic Daily​, our free weekday email newsletter. Another World War. Another cache of German superweapons intended to rain death upon an unsuspecting metropolis. Another act of supreme self-sacrifice. Another guy ...and more »

'Wonder Woman' has a frisky, friendly spirit - Christian Science Monitor

Stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine share a charming chemistry and director Patty Jenkins and screenwriter Allan Heinberg don't overdose on the violence, despite the film's World War I setting. 'Wonder Woman' stars Gal Gadot. Clay Enos/Warner Bros ...and more »

Is It Any Wonder, Woman? The Latest Comic Book Movie Has Estrogen! - Observer

If you exited the theater singing The Beatles' “All you Need is Love,” you've absorbed the central message of the new-but-not-so-new Wonder Woman directed by, wonder of wonders, a woman aka Patty Jenkins (2003's Monster). It turns out that you also ...and more »

Can Wonder Woman save Hollywood from its problem with female superheroes? - The Guardian

Wonder women ... Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman, surrounded by Halle Berry in Catwoman, Helen Slater in Supergirl, Lori Petty in Tank Girl and Jennifer Garner in Elektra. Composite: Allstar. Superhero movies. Can Wonder Woman save Hollywood from its problem ...and more »

Wonder Woman banned in Lebanon due to Israeli lead, Gal Gadot - The Guardian

Lebanon has banned Wonder Woman from showing in the country's movie theaters because the film's lead actor, Gal Gadot, is Israeli. Lebanon's Ministry of Economy issued the ban just before the film was scheduled to premiere in Lebanon, which is ...and more »

'Wonder Woman' Hits the Big Screen: A Look at 7 Real-Life Super Heroines - Biography

As "Wonder Woman" hits the big screen, we step back into herstory to look at the daring lives of seven real-life super heroines. Author: Sara Kettler; Publish date: Jun 1, 2017; Social count: 120. As "Wonder Woman" hits the big screen, we step back ...and more »

The new Wonder Woman film loses the comic's playfulness — so don't expect space kangaroos - The Verge

The new Wonder Woman film has most of what Wonder Woman fans would expect from a cinematic adaptation of her comics. There's Paradise Island, the distant utopia where women warriors live and fight together, sans men. There's the magic golden lasso ...and more »

'Wonder Woman' is the best of DC's recent films — but it's not great -

This image released by Warner Bros. Entertainment shows Gal Gadot in a scene from "Wonder Woman." (Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Entertainment via AP). The Associated Press. In a weak summer at the box office, bright spots abound. This image released by ...and more »

75 years of world-saving: Everything you need to know about 'Wonder Woman' - Los Angeles Times

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman flanked by the 1941 original by artist H.G. Peter, left, and the the "Rebirth" design by artist Nicola Scott. (Warner Bros. / DC Entertainment). By Tracy Brown Contact Reporter · Gal Gadot · ABC · Warner Bros. Batman v ...and more »

Wonder Woman - Slate Magazine

There was an adjective that kept occurring to me as I watched Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, the first superhero blockbuster to be both centered around and directed by a woman. It's a term that seldom if ever springs to mind in reference to superhero ...and more »