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With Wonder Woman, DC Comics Finally Gets It Right - The Atlantic

Another World War. Another cache of German superweapons intended to rain death upon an unsuspecting metropolis. Another act of supreme self-sacrifice. Another guy named Chris playing another guy named Steve. There are moments in Wonder Woman ...and more »

'Wonder Woman' Hits the Big Screen: A Look at 7 Real-Life Super Heroines - Biography

Wonder Woman may be a fictional superhero, but women throughout history have demonstrated similar bravery, fighting abilities and commitment to doing what's right. With the release of the much-anticipated Wonder Woman movie today, here are seven ...and more »

How not to review 'Wonder Woman' - The Daily Dot

Here's a tip for male film critics: When reviewing a female-led movie, don't focus on the hotness of the lead actress. Not unless it's actually relevant to the review, anyway. I loved Wonder Woman, but as a critic, I'm open to reading negative reviews.and more »

Wonder Woman review: a tremendous win for a franchise that desperately needed one - The Verge

Ever since the DC Extended Universe launched with 2013's Man of Steel, it's been troubled and contentious. DC Comics' attempt at a revitalized, unified superhero film franchise has faced nonstop comparisons with Marvel's more long-running and ...and more »

Wonder Woman Is the Superhero You've Been Waiting For - Jezebel

While we're waiting for Wonder Woman to start, my mom tells me a “when I was young” story that I've heard a thousand times. The details of the story—cobbled from memories now 50 years old—shift slightly but the fundamentals remain the same: every ...and more »

The Wonder Woman Movie Is Even Better Than You Hoped It Would Be - Gizmodo Australia

Every superhero origin story has the moment: The music swells, time slows, and the hero finally emerges on screen in their full costume, ready to kick arse. Of course Wonder Woman has this scene as well, but it might just be the best one we've ever ...and more »

Wonder Woman's costume has gotten a lot brighter since Batman v Superman - Vox

The team behind Wonder Woman learned a crucial lesson from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Don't be afraid of color. You can see it in how Wonder Woman's costume has progressed from her original appearance in BvS to the marketing materials ...and more »

Wonder Woman banned in Lebanon due to Israeli lead, Gal Gadot - The Guardian

The DC adventure was denied a release just hours before the film was scheduled to screen after being referred to as 'the Israeli soldier film'. Amanda Holpuch · @holpuch. Wed 31 May 2017 12.57 EDT Last modified on Thu 17 May 2018 07.05 EDT. Share on ...and more »

'Wonder Woman' has a frisky, friendly spirit - Christian Science Monitor

June 2, 2017 —As franchise superhero movies based on DC Comics go, “Wonder Woman” is not half bad. How's that for a ringing endorsement? It's overlong at 141 minutes and suffers from too much origin story exposition and middling CGI effects, but it ...and more »

Can We Build a Better Blockbuster? Wonder Woman Points a Way Forward - TIME

Can a woman build a better superhero movie? If Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman is any indication, the answer is: sort of. The first half of Jenkins' picture has a quietly pleasurable power, largely because at that point it seems to be trying to bust the ...and more »