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People in open relationships have just as much trust and satisfaction as monogamous couples - Men's Fitness

Don't be so quick to judge polygamous couples: Their relationship is probably just as solid as yours. Adam Bible by Adam Bible March 31, 2017 11.52am. Couple Holding Hands In Car. Shutterstock. M. Most of us believe that, after a few years of messing ...and more »

People in open relationships are HAPPIER than monogamous couples, study claims - Daily Mail

But a new study had found that those in open relationships are just as happy, if not happier, than those in committed relationships. Scientists say that despite the stigma, people in consensual open relationships report high levels of satisfaction and ...and more »

People In Open Relationships Are Happier (Says Science) - YourTango

A recent study shows that people in open relationships are happier than people who are in monogamous relationships! LET THE ORGIES COMMENCE! Giphy. JK, JK, I mean, unless that is what you are into, in which case, orgy away. Scientists at the University ...and more »

Couples in Open Relationships Just as Happy as Monogamous Ones (Study) - Gay Pop Buzz (blog)

According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, couples who are in open relationships are just as happy as folks who are in monogamous ones. Scientists researched the relationships of 2,100 participants over 25. According to the numbers ...and more »

New research finds low levels of jealousy in consensual open relationships - CTV News

New research suggests that couples in an open relationship may actually enjoy higher levels of satisfaction and trust than those in monogamous relationships. New U.S. research suggests that couples who are free to date other people as part of an open ...and more »

The Surprise Advantage Of An Open Relationship - Refinery29

In a world where we're increasingly delaying marriage, or shunning it altogether, and a fling is a mere swipe away, there is growing acceptance of all kinds of relationships. The idea of an open relationship, in particular, is striking a chord with ...and more »

Monogamous couples are sad, says study - GQ India

Glad we got your attention with that headline. According to a study conducted at the University of Michigan people in open relationships are usually happier than monogamous couples! The study also claims that couples in monogamous relationships had a ...and more »

People in open relationships as happy as those in monogamous ones – study - RT

Most people in relationships tend to stick with one partner but not all are happy and seek more than one partner; that's among the findings of new research published in the US. In the hope of discovering the level of happiness of people in monogamous ...and more »

UM study: Those in open relationships just as happy as couples -

A new University of Michigan study indicates that those in consensual open relationships are just as satisfied as those in monogamous relationships. The study, led by UM Associate Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies Terri Conley, showed that ...and more »