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Kentucky Doctor Delivers Patient's Baby Right Before Giving Birth to Daughter -

Before she could give birth to her own daughter, a Kentucky obstetrician first made sure her patient's baby was delivered safely. Dr. Amanda Hess was preparing to give birth to her second child on Sunday — at the same time Leah Halliday Johnson was ...and more »

Doctor in hospital to give birth stops to deliver patient's baby - ABC News

Dr. Amanda Hess, an obstetrician-gynecologist, was preparing to have labor induced for the birth of her second daughter at a Kentucky hospital when another patient's scream led her back to work. “I was waiting for an IV, was waiting to get hooked up to ...and more »

Doctor in labor delivers patient's baby - WLS-TV

While preparing to give birth to a baby of her own, a Kentucky OBGYN found herself jumping into action to deliver another patient's baby. Dr. Amanda Hess was at the hospital to have her own labor induced on Sunday. That's when she heard another ...and more »

This Woman Delivered A Baby While She Was In Labor Because Her Badassery Knows No Bounds - Bustle

Here's your dose of badassery for the day: A Kentucky doctor delivered a baby right before going into labor. That's right, literally minutes before her own contractions started, this doctor was helping another mom bring her kid into the world. Talk ...and more »

Doctor about to give birth helps to deliver another mother's baby instead after it became distressed - The Independent

A doctor about to give birth leapt out of her bed to help bring another woman's child into the world instead after her baby became distressed. Dr Amanda Hess rushed to the rescue of Leah Johnson in Frankfort Regional Medical Center, Kentucky, when her ...and more »

Pregnant Doctor Delivers Baby Minutes Before Her Own Contractions Start - TIME

A doctor in Kentucky delivered a baby while covering for her hospital's on-call obstetrician – and then promptly give birth herself. Amanda Hess, an OBGYN at the Frankfort Regional Hospital, told WKYT that the on-call doctor was on his way back to the ...and more »

Pregnant Doctor Delivered Another Woman's Baby 'Seconds' Before Being Induced Herself - HuffPost UK

A pregnant doctor who was waiting to be induced delivered another woman's child after overhearing nurses say the baby was in distress. Dr Amanda Hess was in the Frankfort Regional Medical Center in Kentucky, US, when she overheard that mum-to-be ...and more »

Pregnant Doctor Delivers Woman's Baby While in Hospital for Her Own Labor - Inside Edition

A Kentucky doctor came to the rescue and delivered another woman's baby, hours before giving birth to her own. Dr. Amanda Hess was getting ready to be induced for labor on Sunday night at Frankfort Regional Medical Center, where she works, when ...and more »

Pregnant Doctor in Hospital to Give Birth Jumps in to Deliver Fellow Patient's Baby After She Experiences Complications -

A Kentucky doctor who was in her own hospital room preparing to give birth to her second baby heard screaming from the room next door and jumped in to help, delivering that patient's baby because the on-call doctor was out of the building. “I just put ...and more »

This Doctor Delivered a Baby LITERALLY Right Before Giving Birth to Her Own -

“I thought that I was working up to the last minute. But this was literally 'til the last second.” image. By Lyndsey Matthews. Jul 31, 2017. image. Facebook. Even though she was moments away from being induced, an obstetrician put her own labor on hold ...and more »