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US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan -

(CNN) -- The US military has dropped an enormous bomb in Afghanistan, according to four US military officials with direct knowledge of the mission. A GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb, nicknamed MOAB, was dropped at 7 p.m. local time Thursday ...and more »

CENTCOM: US drops 'mother of all bombs' on ISIS in Afghanistan -

The U.S. military said it conducted a strike on an ISIS-K tunnel complex in the Achin district of Nangarhar province, Afghanistan, on Thursday. A U.S. aircraft dropped a GBU-43 Massive Ordnance Air Blast, also known as a MOAB, as part of ongoing ...and more »

US Drops 'Mother of All Bombs' on ISIS Target in Afghanistan -

U.S. forces dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in a strike against ISIS in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday, according to Pentagon officials, reportedly killing 36 militants. The U.S. dropped a GBU-43 bomb, nicknamed the "mother of all bombs ...and more »

US Drops 'Mother of All Bombs' on ISIS Caves in Afghanistan - New York Times

WASHINGTON — The United States dropped the “mother of all bombs” — the most powerful conventional bomb in the American arsenal — on an Islamic State cave complex in Afghanistan on Thursday, the Pentagon said, unleashing a weapon so massive ...and more »

'A complete waste': What Trump said about war in Afghanistan before he dropped the $16m 'Mother of all Bombs' - The Independent

Reversing on years of comments and hundreds of tweets, President Trump declared he was "very, very proud" of the US military for dropping the "mother of all bombs" on Afghanistan - the largest non-nuclear weapon ever used in combat by American forces.and more »

No, Dropping a MOAB on ISIS in Afghanistan Doesn't Make Surge 2.0 a Good Idea - Reason (blog)

FI295The U.S. military dropped the 21,000-pound GBU-43, or MOAB, on a tunnel complex out of which ISIS operated, U.S. Central Command announced today, giving proponents of a renewed surge in Afghanistan new hope that President Trump will follow ...and more »

What to Know About the GBU-43/B, 'Mother of All Bombs' - DoD Live

By Shannon Collins DoD News, Defense Media Activity. The “Mother of All Bombs,” the GBU-43/B Massive Air Blast, is the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in America's arsenal, and it was used for the first time in combat on April 13 in Afghanistan ...and more »

US drops 'mother of all bombs' in Afghanistan: Pentagon - AOL

WASHINGTON, April 13 (Reuters) - The United States dropped a massive GBU-43 bomb, the largest non-nuclear bomb it has ever used in combat, in eastern Afghanistan on Thursday against a series of caves used by Islamic State militants, the military said.and more »

US 'mother of all bombs' killed 92 Isis militants, say Afghan officials - The Guardian

Several mid-level Isis commanders reportedly among dead after Moab strike ordered by Trump on complex in Nangarhar province. Sune Engel Rasmussen in Kabul. Sat 15 Apr 2017 06.06 EDT Last modified on Sat 15 Apr 2017 13.13 EDT. Share on ...and more »

US military defends dropping 'mother of all bombs' on ISIS in Afghanistan - CNN International

(CNN) The US military on Friday defended its decision to drop its most powerful non-nuclear bomb on ISIS positions in Afghanistan, describing it as a "tactical" move. The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb, or MOAB, was dropped Thursday night on ...and more »