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Yahoo makes it difficult to leave its service by disabling automatic email forwarding - TechCrunch

Following Yahoo's September announcement of a data breach affecting 500 million user accounts, the company has made it more difficult for Yahoo Mail users to transition to another email service. At the beginning of October, Yahoo disabled an email ...and more »

Yahoo Disables Email Forwarding to Prevent Users from Leaving - Softpedia News

Yahoo has disabled "automatic email forwarding," a feature that lets users forward emails they receive in their Yahoo inboxes to external email providers. According to several users who spoke to the Associated Press, the feature has been disabled since ...and more »

Yahoo just made it a lot harder to quit Yahoo Mail - Business Insider

TechCrunch/Flickr Yahoo has not had a good month. Since Verizon said it would buy the aging internet giant last summer, it's been revealed that it was breached in a massive hack, in which over 500 million user account details were stolen. Last week ...and more »

Yahoo Mail disabled forwarding, good luck switching now (update) - Engadget

The Yahoo email hack and government surveillance claims aren't going to go away no matter how much CEO Marissa Mayer wants them to. For users trying to flee the service, the beleaguered internet company is making it rather difficult. That's because ...and more »

How to Bid Adieu to Yahoo - New York Times

Q. How do I delete my Yahoo account on the web and move on to A. First, set up a new account on (Microsoft's free webmail service) if you have not done so already. Next, switch over any social media, e-commerce or other online ...and more »

Yahoo won't let you forward your emails to another service – but why? - Naked Security

Yahoo has really been in the firing line in the past few weeks. First came the news that the company had confirmed a data breach of half a billion (5 × 108) records. The age of the breach was as worrying as its size: the data was stolen back in 2014 ...and more »

Yahoo Mail suspends automatic mail forwarding as privacy controversies swirl - PCWorld

In what can only be called awfully suspicious timing, Yahoo has turned off automatic email forwarding—a crucial feature when changing email accounts—for Yahoo Mail users. Anyone who has already enabled the feature is not affected, but others cannot ...and more »

Yahoo disables automatic email forwarding feature: AP - Reuters

(Reuters) - Yahoo Inc disabled automatic email forwarding at the beginning of the month, the Associated Press reported, citing several users. A man walks past a Yahoo logo during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 24, 2016.and more »

Yahoo Mail forwarding disabled, but here's another option - Product Reviews

They say bad new always comes in threes, and so we first had the Audi incident, then Samsung, and now Yahoo – although things have become even more serious for the latter two. However, it is the issues that Yahoo are having that is of interest to us.and more »

Yahoo Mail Tries to Lock-In Users by Binning Forwarding - Gizmodo UK

If you're in the middle of transitioning away from Yahoo either because of its ties with BT or all that business about hacking, it's about to get a little harder -- the company has decided to stop letting users auto-forward messages to alternative ...and more »