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Yahoo Mail isn't just insecure, it's also hard to leave - The Next Web

It's only natural then, that people will want to switch to other service providers. And that's a lot of people: Yahoo is still the 6th most visited site in the world, after Google, YouTube, Facebook, Baidu and Wikipedia. The trouble is, moving away ...and more »

Yahoo makes it difficult to leave its service by disabling automatic email forwarding - TechCrunch

Following Yahoo's September announcement of a data breach affecting 500 million user accounts, the company has made it more difficult for Yahoo Mail users to transition to another email service. At the beginning of October, Yahoo disabled an email ...and more »

Yahoo Disables Email Forwarding to Prevent Users from Leaving - Softpedia News

Yahoo has disabled "automatic email forwarding," a feature that lets users forward emails they receive in their Yahoo inboxes to external email providers. According to several users who spoke to the Associated Press, the feature has been disabled since ...and more »

Yahoo Mail suspends automatic mail forwarding as privacy controversies swirl - PCWorld

In what can only be called awfully suspicious timing, Yahoo has turned off automatic email forwarding—a crucial feature when changing email accounts—for Yahoo Mail users. Anyone who has already enabled the feature is not affected, but others cannot ...and more »

If you bail on Yahoo Mail, forget about having your email forwarded - Boing Boing

This means that anyone who quits Yahoo Mail out of disgust with the company's criminal complicity, technical incompetence, and coverups will not be able to automatically have their residual Yahoo correspondence forwarded to their new address. Automatic ...and more »

Yahoo just made it a lot harder to quit Yahoo Mail - Business Insider

Since Verizon said it would buy the aging internet giant last summer, it's been revealed that it was breached in a massive hack, in which over 500 million user account details were stolen. Last week, The New York Times also reported that the company ...and more »

Yahoo accused of deliberately making it hard to close your account - Graham Cluley Security News

It's not as easy to up sticks and leave your Yahoo account for dead as it was before the company announced that it had suffered a massive breach, and some disgruntled users say they are smelling something fishy. The specific concern is that sometime ...and more »

Yahoo No Longer Allows You To Forward Emails - Ubergizmo

After reports of a major hack at Yahoo which compromised details of more than 500 million users and scanning incoming emails of all users for the government, it's likely that many of its users now want to ditch Yahoo Mail for another service but the ...and more »

Yahoo Mail disabled forwarding, good luck switching now (update) - Engadget

The Yahoo email hack and government surveillance claims aren't going to go away no matter how much CEO Marissa Mayer wants them to. For users trying to flee the service, the beleaguered internet company is making it rather difficult. That's because ...and more »

Users accuse Yahoo of email 'trick' - BBC News

Yahoo has denied that it has made it deliberately difficult for customers to migrate to another email provider. It follows the disabling of an email-forwarding feature which allows people to migrate automatically. Yahoo said it was a "temporary" move ...and more »