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If you think that the popular pattern lock system in Android smartphones is the best option to safeguard your device, you are mistaken as security researchers have found that it takes just five attempts to break into Android devices. Pattern lock is a ...and more »

Your Android device's Pattern Lock can be cracked within five attempts - Science Daily

Date: January 23, 2017; Source: Lancaster University; Summary: The popular Pattern Lock system used to secure millions of Android phones can be cracked within just five attempts -- and more complicated patterns are the easiest to crack, security ...and more »

Researchers: Android pattern lock can be 'reliably' cracked in five attempts - The INQUIRER

RESEARCHERS HAVE WARNED that the pattern lock system on Android devices, still used by 40 per cent of smartphone and tablet owners, can be cracked in just five attempts. The warning comes via new research from Lancaster University, Northwest ...and more »

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Researchers have demonstrated an attack that can crack 95 percent of Android pattern locks within the five attempts allowed. The side-channel attack, devised by researchers from China and the UK, uses video footage from a smartphone's camera and a ...and more »

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Warning to Android owners who use the Pattern Lock system: your device can still be compromised. That's according to new research from Lancaster University, Northwest University in China, and the University of Bath. According to an article at PHYS.org, ...and more »

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Lock patterns are a popular way to secure Android smartphones, as they are a lot easier to remember than PIN codes or text passwords. In fact, around 40% of Android owners opt for this lock method, which requires them to draw a secret pattern on a grid ...and more »

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Researchers are warning Android users off protecting their smartphones with a lock pattern, having found that the majority of them can be cracked within five attempts. The security measure lets a user unlock their handset by tracing a particular ...and more »

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