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Why You Should Never Buy Fake Apple Chargers - MakeUseOf

No one likes paying full price for things. Especially if these things are ridiculously overpriced in the first place. Unfortunately, when it comes to Apple chargers there really is no alternative to buying the real thing. Buying a fake charger just isn ...and more »

Safety tests of 400 fake Apple chargers bought online reveal that 99% are dangerous - 9 to 5 Mac

A large-scale test of 400 fake Apple chargers bought online from eight different countries – including the USA – found that a staggering 99% failed safety tests. The BBC reports that the tests were commissioned by UK consumer protection body Chartered ...and more »

Fake Apple chargers fail safety tests - BBC News

Investigators have warned consumers they face potentially fatal risks after 99% of fake Apple chargers failed a basic safety test. Trading Standards cited the independent findings and warned that counterfeit electrical goods bought online were an ...and more »

99% of fake Apple chargers fail a basic safety test, new study says - Business Insider

It should go without saying, but if you buy a spare charger for an Apple device, you should absolutely make sure it's from a known, reputable company. Your latest reminder of this comes from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, a UK consumer ...and more »

Beware Of Fake Apple Chargers: 99 Percent Fail Safety Tests - Tech Times

Fake Apple chargers may be cheaper than the original ones, but the lower cost is not really worth damaging your device. According to new research, a whopping 99 percent of fake Apple chargers available for purchase online fail a basic safety test. Fake ...and more »

99% Of Fake Apple Accessories Sold Online Failed Safety Tests - Ubergizmo

apple-lightning-earpod-cable-update You would think that purchasing an Apple accessory from an online platform as old and reputable as Amazon would mean that you're purchasing a legitimate product. Unfortunately that's not the case as previously Apple ...and more »

Is YOUR charger safe? Experts say 99 per cent of fake Apple products could KILL: Here's how to spot them - Daily Mail

Sales of fake Apple chargers are soaring as consumers find cheaper alternatives to the firm's own products. Apple iPhone users looking for a branded charging cable will be set back $24 (£19), while a MacBook power adaptor can cost almost $100 (£80 ...and more »

99 Percent of Fake Apple Chargers Sold Online Fail Safety Tests - Mac Rumors

New research conducted by a global independent safety firm has revealed that 99 percent of fake Apple chargers sold online fail a basic safety test (via BBC). The tests were commissioned by the U.K.'s Trading Standards and undertaken by Illinois-based ...and more »

Fake iPhone Chargers Pose Serious Danger: How to Spot Them - Tom's Guide

In an October lawsuit, Apple accused a company selling electronic devices through Amazon of faking the authenticity of its iPhone chargers. Now, independent research has verified that phony power accessories pose a dangerous risk. Image: moomsabuy ...and more »

Never buy a cheap or off-brand Apple charger or power adapter. Here's why - Mic

Apple iPhone and iPad chargers have a reputation for being easy to break — despite the expensive price tag. You've probably been through several Lightning cords due to their tendency to tear apart. Those costs add up, so hey, you might be thinking ...and more »