Apple says its systems have not been breached as hackers threaten to wipe data from millions of iPhones - International Business Times UK

Apple said none of its systems have been breached as hackers threatened to wipe datd of millions of iCloud accounts in AprilTimothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images. Apple has responded to claims that a hacker group has gained access to hundreds of millions ...and more »

Apple denied it has been hacked after a gang of hackers tried to blackmail it for $100000 - Business Insider

Apple has denied that it has been hacked after a group of hackers attempted to blackmail the company into paying $100,000 (£79,000) in return for the deletion of what they claimed was customers' login information. Motherboard reported on Tuesday that a ...and more »

Apple denies iCloud security breach despite evidence from hackers - TNW

The iCloud saga continues as Apple has denied breach allegations made earlier this week by a hacking collective better known as Turkish Crime Family. The company further downplayed any threats that hundreds of millions iPhone devices could be at risk ...and more »

Is your data safe on iCloud? Apple receives threat from hackers - Economic Times

SAN FRANCISCO: After a hacker or group of hackers threatened to remotely wipe data from millions of iPhones including photos, videos and messages, Apple has denied any such breach into iPhones. The hackers, who call themselves 'Turkish Crime ...and more »

Hackers threaten to remotely wipe iPhones unless Apple pays a ransom [Update] - Neowin

A group of hackers is blackmailing Apple, putting forth their intention to wipe millions of iPhones, including iCloud accounts, unless the company agrees to pay a ransom before April 7. According to a report by Motherboard, the cybercriminals identify ...and more »

Apple says it hasn't been breached after hacker group threatens to wipe millions of iPhones - The Verge

Apple has poured water on claims by a hacker group that it has gained access to hundreds of millions of iCloud accounts. In a statement provided to Fortune, an Apple spokesperson said that none of the company's systems — including iCloud and Apple ID ...and more »

Apple rubbishes claim hacker group can wipe hundreds of MILLIONS of iCloud accounts -

A group calling itself the Turkish Crime Family has reportedly tried to extort the US tech giant after claiming it had accessed 300 million accounts. According to Motherboard , the group demanded $75,000 in Bitcoin. Apple gave a statement to Fortune ...and more »

Apple denies hacking threat to millions of iPhones - TechRadar

Apple has denied that millions of iCloud accounts have been breached after a hacker group claimed it gained access to the company's various systems. In a statement to Fortune, an Apple spokesperson said that no systems, including iCloud and Apple ID, ...and more »

Apple denies iCloud hack threats, says systems remain secure -

Apple has deniedclaims by a Turkish hacking group that it has access to over 300 million iCloud email accounts and has the ability to remotely wipe them. The hackers, who identify themselves as the 'Turkish Crime Family', have been demanding that Apple ...and more »

Hackers threaten Apple to wipe millions of iPhone, iCloud data - International Business Times AU

The Apple logo is seen on the facade of the new Apple Store in Paris, France, January 5, 2017. Reuters/Charles Platiau. Apple has responded to the hackers who are allegedly trying to extort the company. The hackers, who call themselves the Turkish ...and more »