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April Fools' Day 2017: the best (and worst) pranks - The Verge

April 1st — a day colloquially known as “April Fools' Day” or “the worst holiday ever” — isn't even until tomorrow, but because the month of April starts on a Saturday this year, all the #brands are already out in force to pollute the internet ...and more »

Okay, fine fine, Google's April Fool's Day pranks are pretty great this year, here are all of them - Mashable

April Fools' Day is the only "fake news" day that's almost welcome. Almost. And one of the longstanding masters of the tech prank, Google, is at it again with a fresh batch of trickery. This year, the jokes are more obviously fake this time around in ...and more »

Here's all of Google's April Fools' Day pranks so far - The Verge

As the internet gets flooded with April Fools' Day jokes — good or lame — it can be hard to keep track of the ones that are worthy of your attention. Google, in particular, is known for rolling out a ton of different pranks. Most of them are actually ...and more »

Ms. Pac-Man takes over Google Maps - WTOP

WASHINGTON — It's no April Fool's joke: You can play Ms. Pac-Man on Google Maps until April 4. For a limited time, the follow-up game to the arcade classic Pac-Man is available on the desktop version of Google Maps, as well as the Android mobile app.and more »

Google's April Fools' Day trick lets you play 'Ms. Pac-Man' in Google Maps - Business Insider

Google Say goodbye to your productivity today — Google added "Ms. Pac-Man" to the Google Maps app in honor of April Fools' Day. It may not be the most original trick — Google did the same thing on the desktop version of Maps in 2015— but it's a ...and more »

Google April Fool's jokes for 2017 – graded for additional humor - Network World

Tech companies like to get into April Fool's day – those whimsical titans of capitalism – and nobody gets into it in a bigger way than Google, which rolls out a solid handful of gags every year, some of which are even interactive. This year is no ...and more »

April Fool's Day roundup: The best tech pranks from around the web - BGR

You know what day is today, right? It's April Fool's Day, which means many tech companies have dreamt up various tricks and pranks for their fans. Google is a prominent April Fool's prankster and has plenty of gags for you. But it's hardly the only ...and more »

Google Maps morphs into Ms. Pac-Man for April Fools' Day - The Verge

Looks like Ms. Pac-Man has paid a visit to the Google Maps app. Every year on April Fools' Day, Google puts out a bunch of prank videos and Easter eggs, and it looks like the team is revisiting an old idea for 2017. To find Ms. Pac-Man, open up your ...and more »

Google Just Unveiled 'Google Gnome.' It's an April Fools' Gag - TIME

Google pretended Friday to unveil a product called “Google Gnome.” But don't be a fool, it's an April Fools' prank. “Google Gnome is here to give every home in America the seamless, voice-activated Connected Yard Experience we all so desperately need,” ...and more »

Google Gnome and Petlexa Arrive Just In Time For April Fools' Day - Fortune

The line between real tech news and the stuff of April Fools' Day jokes is getting thinner. Two new gag posts, one each from Google and Amazon, play on consumers' desire for connected homes, but also some latent anxieties about how much our gadgets ...and more »