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Commodore 64 gets the retro re-release treatment with the C64 Mini - New Atlas

With Nintendo, Sega and Atari all in the middle of rereleasing consoles from the 80s and 90s, it's a great time to be a retro gamer. And now an older-school player is jumping into the mix: a mini version of the classic Commodore 64 is due next year ...and more »

It's mini mania: Next up, a tiny Commodore 64 - CNET

Just half the size of the original 1982 Commodore 64, the C64 Mini still oozes nostalgia. Retro Games/screenshot by CNET. Consumers have proved their love for retro mini systems. Nintendo could never keep up with demand for its NES Classic, one of ...and more »

Tiny consoles for everyone: Now there's a mini-C64 in development - Gamasutra

It looks like the remarkable success of Nintendo's nostalgic plug-and-play mini-consoles has inspired UK-based Retro Games to try the same trick with the Commodore 64, as the company has announced plans to produce an unofficial C64 Mini console.and more »

Commodore 64 makes a half-sized comeback - The Register

The Commodore 64 is coming back, in a form that owes a debt to both Nintendo's shrunken Mini SNES and thee Vega+ Sinclair ZX Spectrum reboot. The due-in-early 2018 “C64 Mini” matches Nintendo's plan to shrink an old machine, in this case by 50 per ...and more »

Commodore 64 Mini? I'll Take Two! - Forbes

I experienced some Commodore 64 synchronicity this week. Earlier in the week I suddenly had a desire to own a Commodore 64 again, so I started searching the internet and found there are actually affordable ones available—that is assuming they actually ...and more »

The Commodore 64 is getting its own tiny retro console - TNW

Are the SNES and NES Classic not retro enough for you? Then have I good news for you: Someone is making a tiny retro Commodore 64, too. Hard Fork? Hard Fork. HARD FORK. The C64 Mini, as it's called, will cost $70, and includes 64 licensed games and ...and more »

Commodore 64 Mini Slated for Release in 2018 - Technabob (blog)

Between the Nintendo Classic Mini, SNES Classic Mini, Atari Flashback, and Sega Mega Drive Classic, there's a clear miniaturization trend when it comes to retro gaming systems. The next system to go in front of the shrink ray? The Commodore 64. zoom in.and more »

A mini version of the Commodore 64 is coming in 2018 - Engadget

It's hard to deny the popularity of Nintendo's retro mini systems. After all, demand far outstripped supply for the mini version of the original console, and the same is expected to happen for today's SNES release. It's not a surprise, then, that other ...and more »

I'll Take This Miniature Commodore 64 Over a Tiny SNES Any Day - Gizmodo

Unlike many of my friends, my first video game console wasn't the original NES. It was a Commodore 64, which my parents bought as our first home computer. It could do a few useful things, but the C64 was always first and foremost a gaming system in our ...and more »

Now a New Mini Commodore 64 Is Coming - Popular Mechanics

With vintage gaming in full force, even lesser-known systems are getting their days in the sun. The Commodore 64 is being rebooted as the C64 Mini, ready to be plugged into your TV's HDMI port in early 2018. While it doesn't hold the cultural cache of ...and more »