Ghost pepper, eating contest sends man to hospital for 23 days - Becker's Hospital Review

The Journal of Emergency Medicine reports the unusual case of a man who tore a hole in his esophagus after eating ghost peppers as part of a contest. A 47-year-old man went to the emergency department with severe chest pain after participating in an ...and more »

'Ghost Pepper' Burns Hole in Man's Esophagus - HealthDay

TUESDAY, Oct. 18, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- A San Francisco man who joined an eating contest involving super-hot "ghost peppers" ended up with a hole in his esophagus, doctors report. The 47-year-old showed up at a hospital emergency room after ...and more »

A Guy Burned a Huge Hole in His Esophagus by Eating Ghost Peppers - Munchies_ Food by VICE

It is often said of hot peppers that they will burn you twice; once on the way in, and once on the way out. But sometimes a pepper is so spicy, and so recklessly consumed, that it can literally burn you before even reaching its final destination. Sure ...and more »

Too Hot to Handle? Ghost Pepper Leads to Torn Esophagus - Live Science

A puree made from these peppers — which are infamous for their off-the-charts level of spiciness — led to a rare, life-threatening condition in an otherwise healthy, 47-year-old man in California, according to a recent report of the man's case. Ghost ...and more »

SF ghost-pepper burger yields 1-inch esophagus tear - SFGate

They're more than twice as hot as habaneros. They make jalapeños taste like a walk in the park. And if you're unlucky, they can cause severe bodily harm. A 47-year-old man engaged in a daredevil eating contest in San Francisco found out the hard way ...and more »

Chilli-eating contest leaves man with inch-wide hole in his throat -

Competitive eating contests are nothing new, but thanks to the internet an increasing number of people are filming themselves eating super-hot foods, so the world might enjoy footage of their pained reactions. However, a recent report in the Journal of ...and more »

A Man Ate a Ghost Pepper So Hot He Ripped a Hole in His Esophagus - TIME

A 47-year-old man ate a pepper so hot that he ripped a 2.5-cm hole in his esophagus. As reported by the Washington Post, the man was taking part in a food eating contest and was challenged to eat a hamburger with ghost pepper puree. The ghost pepper ...and more »

A ghost pepper challenge nearly killed a man by tearing a hole in his esophagus - Yahoo Finance

Our competitive nature may be the thing that pushes us to achieve things never before accomplished and to test the limits of human potential, but that nature can also easily backfire — sometimes with dangerous or deadly consequences. Recently, a ...and more »

'Ghost Pepper' Chilli-Eating Contest Leaves Man With A Hole In His Throat - Huffington Post UK

A 47-year-old has reminded us it's never a good idea to eat the world's hottest chillies after an eating contest left him with a hole in his throat. The unnamed man was taken to hospital after eating a ghost pepper, also known as a bhut jolokia. The ...and more »

UCSF: Man ate a pepper so hot it tore a hole in his esophagus - SFGate

A ghost pepper's heat is described in terms normally reserved for carpet bombings. Its heat is measured at 1 million units on the Scoville scale, a per-mass measure of capsaicin - the chemical compound that imbues peppers with heat - that until ...and more »