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North Korea crisis: How events have unfolded under Trump -

Ever since President Donald Trump took office in January, tensions with North Korea have escalated rapidly. The isolated country is barred by United Nations resolutions from carrying out ballistic missile tests or from having a nuclear arms program.and more »

KCNA critique won't ease mounting nuke tension - Global Times

Source:Global Times Published: 2017/5/4 10:17:47 ?Share. Illustration: Liu Rui/GT. The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) released a bylined editorial titled "Refrain from making reckless remarks undermining the DPRK-China relations" Wednesday night ...and more »

Donald Trump: N Korea's Kim Jong-un a 'smart cookie' - BBC News

US President Donald Trump has described North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as a "pretty smart cookie". Speaking to CBS, he noted Mr Kim had assumed power at a young age, despite dealing with "some very tough people". Amid escalating tensions over ...and more »

South Korea's next president faces a belligerent north and a confused US - The Conversation UK

South Korea is under serious pressure on two fronts. Internationally, Seoul and its allies are scrambling to head off the threat from North Korea, which some fear is ramping up for another nuclear test – but the South Korean response to that threat ...and more »

China wields power with boycott diplomacy - Financial Times

Jeju used to bristle with Chinese tourists who flocked to the South Korean island to enjoy its beach resorts and rugged landscape. But an industry set up to serve Chinese consumers shrivelled up almost overnight in March after Beijing stopped travel ...and more »

28 photos that show North Korea's obsession with huge, odd buildings - Business Insider

On June 12, President Trump will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong U for a highly-anticipated summit. Taking place in Singapore, the meeting will focus on persuading North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons. Like dictatorships before it ...and more »

The Negotiator - TIME

On the morning of Aug. 18, 1976, two American soldiers set off to trim a poplar tree in the Korean demilitarized zone (DMZ). The tree was obscuring the line of sight between U.N. and North Korean guard towers on the narrow strip of land that has ...and more »

North Korea Warns Region Is 'Close to Nuclear War' Amid US Drills -

North Korea's state-controlled media warned Tuesday that America's "military provocations" risked triggering nuclear conflict — with one newspaper claiming Kim Jong Un's regime was "waiting for the moment it will reduce the whole of the U.S. mainland ...and more »

North Korea's nuclear weapons: What we know -

Why nuclear weapons? How it got the nukes? Has it got the H-bomb? Here is what we know about North Korea's nuclear capabilities and motivation. Who is in range of its missiles? "The entire mainland of the US is within the range of our nuclear weapons ...and more »

How Macau became North Korea's window to the world... and its nexus for weapons and drugs trafficking - South China Morning Post

From the terrace of the Michelin-starred restaurant Aurora, diners can see the Pearl River Delta and the Macau skyline. If Kim Jong-nam, half-brother of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was still alive, he might well be sat near the door that leads ...and more »