X-ray echoes of a shredded star provide close-up of 'killer' black hole - Science Daily

Date: June 22, 2016; Source: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center; Summary: Billions of years ago in the heart of a distant galaxy, a monster black hole shredded a passing star and emitted X-rays. Now astronomers are using X-ray echoes to study a newly ...and more »

This Is Probably What A Black Hole Shredding A Star Looks Like - Popular Science

Echoes from x-ray flares near a black hole allow researchers to better understand what is going on near the black hole. In a paper published this week in Nature, researchers used observations of x-rays to peek inside the action of a star getting torn ...and more »

Supermassive Black Hole Belches X-Rays from Shredded Star - Scientific American

In this artist's rendering, a supermassive black hole has swallowed a star, generating a swirling disk of debris lit from within by intense flashes of X-ray light. Credit: NASA/Swift/Aurore Simonnet, Sonoma State University. Advertisement |. Report Ad ...and more »

Dormant black hole wakes up to devour passing star at theoretically impossible speed - The Independent

A dormant supermassive black hole woke up and devoured a star that had wandered too close, astronomers have discovered. About 90 per cent of the black holes in the universe are not actively consuming matter on a significant scale, but if something like ...and more »

Supermassive black hole devours star and becomes X-ray flashlight - The Register

Astronomers have identified a sleeping black hole that sprung back to life – after trapping a nearby star to be later consumed – due to the curved space-time around it firing X-rays into space, according to research published today in Nature. Black ...and more »

X-ray echoes of a shredded star provide close-up of monster black hole - Astronomy Now Online

In this artist's rendering, a thick accretion disc has formed around a supermassive black hole following the tidal disruption of a star that wandered too close. Stellar debris has fallen toward the black hole and collected into a thick chaotic disc of ...and more »

Here's What Happens When A Sleeping Black Hole Wakes Up To Devour A Star - Tech Times

About 90 percent of supermassive black holes in the known universe are dormant. What happens when a sleeping black hole awakens and devours a star? ( EurekAlert | NASA/Swift/Aurore Simonnet/Sonoma State University ). Advertisement. Somewhere in ...and more »

Tidal Disruption Event: Black Hole Eats Star, Beams Signal To Earth - Science 2.0

Roughly 90 percent of the biggest black holes are dormant, meaning that they are not actively devouring matter and therefore not giving off any light or other radiation. Yet dormant is not dead, so when a star wanders too close, the ensuing feeding ...and more »

X-ray From Shredded Stars Provide Close-up of 'Killer' Black Hole - Nature World News

The X-ray reverberation mapping technique helps astronomers understand and observe tidal disruptions. The x-ray echoes from shredded stars gives them a glimpse of what a "killer" black hole looks like. (Photo : NASA/Getty Images). Some 3.9 billion ...and more »

We Just Got an Unprecedented Look at a Black Hole Ripping Apart a Star - Mic

For the first time ever, astronomers got a close-up peek at a black hole ripping apart a star. For the research, astronomers used data from a tidal disruption that happened 3.9 billion years ago and was first detected in 2011. A tidal disruption is a ...and more »