Google brings its upgraded keyboard app Gboard to Android - TechCrunch

Google today officially announced that it's rebranding its Google Keyboard application for Android users to “Gboard,” the name sported by its newer keyboard app that sports a fully integrated Google Search engine, emoji and GIF search, and more.and more »

GBoard for Android: 4 Reasons to Download the App -

GBoard, formerly known as Google Keyboard, released on Friday and has already racked up more than a million downloads. The announcement of GBoard for Android comes more than six months after the iOS version was released. Here's what you need to ...and more »

Google's search-savvy keyboard comes to Android - Engadget

Ever since Google introduced its Gboard keyboard on iOS, there's been one main question: when is it coming to Android? You can relax. The company has released Gboard for its own phone platform, replacing the previous (and relatively plain) Google ...and more »

Gboard is Google Keyboard with built-in search, better predictions and more - SlashGear

Android's Google Keyboard has been renamed 'Gboard,' and it is considerably more convenient with Google Search built in. Gboard still brings the features you're used to accessing on Google Keyboard — this includes things like gliding to type and voice ...and more »

Gboard arrives on Android, replacing Google Keyboard - VentureBeat

Google today announced the availability of its Gboard virtual keyboard for its Android mobile operating system. The app effectively replaces Google's standard-issue Google Keyboard in the Play Store. Gboard actually came to iOS seven months before ...and more »

Google Updates: Android on a Lumia, Gboard arrives, Android Wear updates - Inquirer

First off, there's good news for anyone who has a Lumia (Nokia) phone in a drawer, An XDA-er has managed to get Nougat 7.1 running on a Nokia Lumia 520. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. With new-old Nokia planning Android phones ...and more »

Getting the most out of your GBoard update [How-To] - AndroidGuys

Last week Google released the GBoard update as an apk for users to try on their android devices. On Saturday, Google released the official update through the Play Store. Since Google has given us this early Christmas present we figured a little How-To ...and more »

Remove the G-button from the Android keyboard - Ghacks Technology News

If you are using the official Google Keyboard application on Android, now called Gboard, then you may have noticed that it features a new G-button at the top of the keyboard. You can tap on it to run web searches directly in the keyboard interface ...and more »

Gboard: Google's new keyboard finally hits Android - Memeburn

Earlier this year, Google revealed Gboard, being a rather cool virtual keyboard for smartphones. In a rather bizarre twist, the keyboard was released as an iOS-exclusive. Fortunately, Google has come to its senses, releasing the app on Android over the ...and more »

Google Makes Gboard App Official, Up for Download in the Play Store - Softpedia News

We reported a few days ago that Google plans to release a major update for Google Keyboard app for Android devices, which was supposed to change its name and bring lots of new features and improvements. Well, it appears that the search giant released ...and more »