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George Osborne quits as MP ahead of snap election - Financial Times

Former UK chancellor George Osborne has stood down as an MP ahead of an expected snap election and following his decision to become editor of London newspaper the Evening Standard. Announcing his resignation in the Standard, Mr Osborne, a Conservative ...and more »

George Osborne to stand down as MP 'for now' - The Guardian

George Osborne said he would 'remain active in the debate about our country's future and on the issues I care about'. Photograph: Matt Cardy/PA. George Osborne. George Osborne to stand down as MP 'for now'. Former chancellor announces he will leave ...and more »

With a whiff of sulphur, George Osborne was gone – but for how long? - The Guardian

Devious, cunning and cruel, as Tory chancellor he imposed his mendacious mantras on the national psyche. His legacy is a poisoned political landscape. George Osborne. 'George Osborne leaves behind acid burns that will take years to heal.' Photograph ...and more »

A first rate brain - but May told Osborne to 'go away and learn some emotional intelligence': ANDREW PIERCE on how ... - Daily Mail

George Osborne yesterday bowed to pressure and announced that he would quit politics to concentrate on his role as editor of the London Evening Standard. The MP for Tatton had faced a backlash for taking on the job in the capital – which he begins next ...and more »

George Osborne quitting as MP -

George Osborne, the U.K.'s former finance minister, is standing down as a Conservative MP to concentrate on being editor of the London Evening Standard newspaper. “I am stepping down from the House of Commons — for now. But I will remain active in the ...and more »

George Osborne to quit as MP for Tatton at election - BBC News

Former chancellor George Osborne says he is quitting the House of Commons "for now". The Conservative MP for Tatton said he was "very excited" about becoming the new editor of London's Evening Standard newspaper. He told his local Tory party he would ...and more »

Osborne quits as MP — but Cable and Clarke fight on - Financial Times

George Osborne is quitting parliament ahead of a snap general election to focus on his new role as editor of the Evening Standard newspaper. In a letter sent to his constituents in Tatton on Wednesday, Mr Osborne, the former chancellor, said he was ...and more »

George Osborne the journalist has accepted that this is the end of the road for George Osborne the politician - The Independent

It is a long time since George Osborne has held the distinguished role in the unwritten British constitution of the Next Prime Minister. He gave up the post with his ill-judged 2012 Budget in which he trashed his own slogan, “All in it together”, by ...and more »

George Osborne's Westminster demise is complete – but he hasn't left the political stage yet -

There was just the small matter of the EU referendum campaign to negotiate; but they were confident of success. Today, both their political careers have ended before they were 50. Mr Cameron stepped down last year and Mr Osborne, who many thought ...and more »

George Osborne: history will not be kind to a man whose flaws led to Brexit - The Guardian

George Osborne's career peaked with his 'we are the builders' speech to the 2015 Tory party conference. Photograph: Carl Court/Getty Images. George Osborne. George Osborne: history will not be kind to a man whose flaws led to Brexit. Larry Elliott. The ...and more »