Google Pixel XL Review: Nexus is dead, long live the Pixel - ZDNet

Pros. Battery life is long enough to get through a day and then some. Android 7.1 is smooth. The camera's performance is the real deal. Cons. An expensive phone lacking stereo speakers and water resistance, the last two of which are no longer optional ...and more »

How waterproof is the Google Pixel? - CNET

While the Pixel and the Pixel XL boast some impressive specs, there's one painfully-obvious missing feature: Waterproofing. Other premium smartphones -- notably, Apple's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and Samsung's Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Edge S7 -- can survive a ...and more »

Pixel Vs Pixel XL Review: Should You Upgrade? - Forbes

Finally. We have the 'Google GOOGL -1.69% iPhone'. Eight years in the making, Google GOOGL -1.69% has adopted the 'If you want something done right, do it yourself' approach and bypassed its Android partners for the first time. The result is a premium ...and more »

iFixit's Pixel teardown shows us the innards of Google's phone - The Verge

Google started shipping its Pixel and Pixel XL phones earlier this week, and the team at iFixit documented their teardown, showing off the insides of the company's new device. One of the big takeaways is the repair score: a six out of 10. That's not ...and more »

Google Pixel And Pixel XL: Top 5 Drawbacks That May Be Deal Breakers For Some - Tech Times

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are among the hottest smartphones currently on the market, but they're not perfect. Here are the top five drawbacks that may weigh down on your pros and cons list. ( Spencer Platt | Getty Images ). Advertisement. The new ...and more »

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Is Google Assistant really smarter than Siri? In this new comparison video on YouTube, where the two digital assistants face off, Siri shows no sign of backing down against Google Assistant. ( Marques Brownlee | YouTube ). Advertisement. Google ...and more »

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Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge goes head to head against Apple's iPhone 6S Plus in a series of five camera challenges. Play video. Video: New Roku Streaming Stick vs. Google Chromecast. New Roku Streaming Stick vs. Google Chromecast. 3:10 April 20, ...and more »

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The company confirms its AI assistant will have its own side button on the S8. Eventually, you'll be able to boss it around on more... Play video. Video: Samsung's Galaxy A7 (2017) is a great midrange phone. Samsung's Galaxy A7 (2017) is a great ...and more »

Google Targets Apple's Margins with First Pixel Phone - Bloomberg

Google's new line of Pixel phones have the shape, pricing, and some of the features of Apple Inc.'s iPhone, but critically for investors, they also have Apple-like margins. The Pixel XL smartphone with 32 gigabytes of storage has a total build of ...and more »

Apple iPhone 7 is easier to repair than Google Pixel XL: iFixit teardown - Firstpost

iFixit got its hands on the Google Pixel XL, and needless to say, the device was ripped apart to find out what's inside. For starters, it scores a 6 out of 10 on repairability score, which makes it slightly more difficult to repair than the Apple ...and more »