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Google Pixel XL Review: Nexus is dead, long live the Pixel - ZDNet

Pros. Battery life is long enough to get through a day and then some. Android 7.1 is smooth. The camera's performance is the real deal. Cons. An expensive phone lacking stereo speakers and water resistance, the last two of which are no longer optional ...and more »

Google Pixel And Pixel XL: Top 5 Drawbacks That May Be Deal Breakers For Some - Tech Times

The new Google Pixel and Pixel XL are all the rave right now. They're great smartphones, but they also have some drawbacks that may be deal breakers. We've compiled a list of the top 5 worst things about the Google Pixel and Pixel XL so you can make an ...and more »

How to get Google's Pixel 2 features on your Android phone - Digital Trends

Some of the best features of Google's Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are software-based. Thanks to the way Android is structured, that means most, if not all, can be installed on newer Android smartphones. All it takes is a little patience, dedication, and ...and more »

Google Assistant vs Siri: Watch The Voice Assistants Face Off In A New Comparison Video - Tech Times

Google Assistant and Siri have figured in a new comparison video on YouTube. The two digital assistants were able to demonstrate — not only the power of their artificial intelligence — but also their personalities. Early reports claim that Google ...and more »

Why Siri Needs to Get Smarter Faster - Fast Company

Apple is surprisingly good at building great AI. But is it good enough to beat Google? Why Siri Needs to Get Smarter Faster. By Mike Elgan 8 minute Read. Apple is the most successful company in the world. But future success for Apple depends to a ...and more »

Google Pixel XL review: Killer camera, Apple approach - New Atlas

Google killed its Nexus lineup of smartphones this year and replaced it with a "made by Google" pair of Pixel phones. In the Nexus days, Google worked with hardware-makers as collaborative creative partners, but in this case it sounds like silent ...and more »

The Pixel and Pixel XL aren't waterproof because Google 'ran out of time' - Android Authority (blog)

Google's latest smartphones, the Pixel and Pixel XL, may lack waterproofing because Google didn't have enough time to properly integrate it. In a podcast from WIRED, David Pierce – who reviewed the Pixel for the tech site – shared some inside ...and more »

Google Pixel vs. Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 7: Camera Face-Off - Tom's Guide

The Samsung Galaxy S7, Apple iPhone 7 and now the Google Pixel have the best smartphone cameras in the world. They shoot sharper, more colorful photos than what you get from other phones. Even compared to pretty adept shooters like the LG V20, their ...and more »

Google Pixel stress test: One of the most durable phones of 2016 - TrustedReviews

There are several rites of passage for new smartphones these days, whether it be the cavalcade of leaks that ruins the fun before the launch, the inevitable teardown, or the obligatory stress test. And now, having reliably gone through the first two ...and more »

Was the Google Pixel built in a mere 9 months? It would explain a lot… - Ars Technica

The Google Pixel, Google's first-ever self-branded smartphone, is the best Android device you can buy. The origins of the device are something of a curiosity, though. Google stopped the Nexus line to move into the hardware arena itself, but then the ...and more »