The Trump Administration Could Be Uber's Saving Grace - Backchannel

As legal challenges pile up, a hands-off government may be arriving just in time for Uber and its ride-sharing model. Uber driver Harouna Kaba protests during a September rally in New York City (Drew Angerer / Getty Images). For Uber, the election of ...and more »

Drive Wire for December 9, 2016: Uber Releases List of Behaviors That Can Get Users Banned - Yahoo News

Today on Drive Wire: Uber has released a list of behaviors that can get users banned from the ride-hailing app. The list, which applies to both drivers and riders alike, covers many acts that are already illegal under existing law. Uber users are ...and more »

Uber asks everyone to stop making it the new Tinder - SFGate

This week Uber updated their community guidelines to discourage passengers from using the ride-sharing app as a hook-up opportunity. Some Uber and Lyft riders have been using the car-pooling option in the respective apps as a way to meet or hook up ...and more »

Uber tries to solve sexual misconduct issues by banning riders from flirting - The Guardian

Uber's release of the rules comes at the end of a troubled year in which the company and some of its drivers have faced accusations of sexual assault and rape. Photograph: Jeff Chiu/AP. Uber. Uber tries to solve sexual misconduct issues by banning ...and more »

Uber drivers reveal 5 ways to get a better passenger rating - Business Insider

If you've ever used Uber, then you're familiar with rating your driver between 1 and 5 stars at the end of the ride. What's less known, however, is that all drivers do the same for you as a passenger. Having a low rating could prevent you from getting ...and more »

Here's a list of horrible behavior that will get you banned from Uber - The Verge

In his two years driving for Uber, Scott Winbolt has seen some fairly ridiculous behavior from riders: open containers of alcohol, dirty feet on the dashboard, people trying to sneak four people in a backseat designed for three. You name it. “I try to ...and more »

Uber spells out what could cause riders to lose access in new policy - TechCrunch

Uber updated its Community Guidelines Thursday, and now the term “community” is more accurately applied, because for the first time, the ride-hailing company is publishing a policy outlining why riders can lose their access to the service – previously ...and more »

Having 'physical contact' with other riders can get you banned from Uber apparently - Metro

For some, Uber Pool is a bit like Tinder on wheels. You might be a bit worse for wear but your banter is flowing and fellow travellers can just about work out what you looked like before your mascara dribbled down your damp cheeks. But unlike Tinder ...and more »

Uber explains how you can lose access to its service - Engadget

Uber already has publicly posted guidelines telling drivers what they're not allowed to do, and why they might get the boot. However, the same hasn't been true for passengers -- just what qualifies as crossing the line? You probably have a good idea ...and more »

Here's what can get you banned as a rider from Uber - The Independent

Just ask an Uber driver for their worst passenger story and you'll hear tales of vomiting passengers to screaming matches to hook ups in the back seat. One driver has even told me the story (complete with pictures) of how he ended up with a bullet in ...and more »