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New Amazon Patent: Noise-Canceling Headphones That Listen for Your Name - Gadget Review

If you've been paying attention to Amazon's work for the past several years, you know they have been pushing hard into tech innovation with Kindle Fire, Echo, Alexa, and more. Well, another upcoming Amazon innovation has been uncovered, and this time ...and more »

Clues point Amazon Echo launching in the UK on September 14 - TechCrunch

Earlier this week, Amazon debuted its Dash buttons in the UK, Germany and Austria for instant product reorders, and now it is gearing up for yet another new launch in Europe — one that could be a biggie: the launch of Echo, its voice-controlled ...and more »

16 Amazon Playlists To Tell Alexa To Play, Depending On Your Mood - Bustle

By this point in our technological advancement I assume nothing will shock me — that is, until teleportation becomes a thing. Still, I am constantly surprised with what cool things people will come up with next, such as when Amazon introduced Amazon ...and more »

LG Adds Alexa To Amazon Echo Lookalike SmartThinQ Hub, Making Them Even More Similar - Tech Times

When LG introduced the SmartThinQ Hub late last year, there were already comparisons with the Amazon Echo due to how similar the two devices look and their built-in smart home controls. The similarity between the LG SmartThinQ Hub and the Amazon Echo ...and more »

Amazon Alexa's new home: Your PC? - CNET

Amazon's Alexa voice assistant may be talking her way into yet another important place: PCs. Lenovo, the world's biggest PC maker, has held talks with Amazon on potentially using Alexa in its computers and other devices, according to a Lenovo executive ...and more »

LG's Amazon Echo lookalike now has built-in Alexa - The Verge

LG's SmartThinQ Hub, a speaker with smart home control, certainly looks a lot like an Amazon Echo, a similarity that only grows closer with the news from IFA that LG is adding Amazon's Alexa digital assistant to the device. Amazon licenses the Alexa ...and more »

Amazon Alexa support coming to LG's SmartThinQ hub - Engadget

When LG launched its SmartThinQ hub at CES this year, you couldn't help but notice that it was a dead ringer for Amazon's Echo but, well, dumber. That's because the device could play music and control LG SmartThinQ appliances, but wouldn't obey your ...and more »

Sonos shuffle mode fixed, no more endless repeats streaming music - RouteNote (blog)

A recent partnership between Sonos and Spotify won't just make it more convenient to stream music on your speakers but provide a long awaited solution to Sonos' awful shuffling. Earlier this week Spotify and Sonos announced a partnership that will make ...and more »

Alexa on PCs: Amazon in talks with Lenovo to put virtual assistant on computers - GeekWire

Lenovo's IdeaCentre AIO Y910. Alexa could be coming to a PC near you. Amazon HQ Tour - South Lake Union CNET reported Thursday that Lenovo is in talks with Amazon to install the Alexa voice assistant on its PCs and other devices. Discussions are in the ...and more »

Amazon Echo UK release? Mysterious event invites sent to press - TrustedReviews

Amazon has invited press to a launch event, but neglected to say why. Could it be the UK launch of the Amazon Echo? At 11:00 on Wednesday, September 14, Amazon is going to make an announcement in London. Unfortunately, we've got not idea what Amazon ...and more »