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These elephants sleep only 2 hours a day, and scientists have no clue how they do it - Washington Post

Parents of infants, college students during finals season and the White House press corps should stand back in awe. A new champion non-sleeper has been crowned: Loxodonta africana, the African elephant. After observing a pair of African elephant ...and more »

Wild elephants clock shortest shut-eye recorded for mammals - Science News

Fitbit-style tracking of two wild African elephants suggests their species could break sleep records for mammals. The elephants get by just fine on about two hours of sleep a day. Much of that shut-eye comes while standing up — the animals sleep lying ...and more »

Wild elephants will sleep when they're dead - Popular Science

Wild elephants can't be bothered with sleep. Who could blame them? They have good reasons to stay awake. African elephants need to gobble a few hundred pounds of food a day and stay vigilant of cunning predators. After fitting two elephant ...and more »

Mysteries of elephant sleep revealed - BBC News

Wild African elephants sleep for the shortest time of any mammal, according to a study. Scientists tracked two elephants in Botswana to find out more about the animals' natural sleep patterns. Elephants in zoos sleep for four to six hours a day, but in ...and more »

African elephants sleep only two hours a day - PLOS Research News

Bigger mammals generally need less sleep, and new research shows that African elephants ― the biggest land mammals of all ― need the least sleep at just two hours a day. Elephants were known to sleep as long as six hours a day in captivity, but Paul ...and more »

Heavy elephants are light sleepers - Cosmos

Do elephants dream? That's one of the intriguing questions thrown up by a recent investigation into the sleeping patterns of the giant mammals. As a general rule, larger mammals tend to sleep less than smaller ones, but until now no one had accurately ...and more »

Elephants reveal their mysterious sleeping habits -

An elephant wearing a 'gyroscope' around her neck and a data logger in her trunk shows off her new high-tech toys © Wits University. Elephants spend less time dreaming than we thought, opting for short power naps in the middle of the night instead.and more »

The ultimate power nap: Researchers use 'Fitbits' to track elephant sleep in the wild - Science Daily

Date: March 2, 2017; Source: University of the Witwatersrand; Summary: Behavioral studies of elephant sleep in zoos record that they sleep around four hours per day and can sleep standing up or lying down -- but how much do they sleep and how do they ...and more »

Elephants Only Sleep For Two Hours A Night, If They Even Sleep At All - Forbes

While most humans enjoy sleeping an average of seven hours per night, the world's largest land mammals only seem to need a fraction of that according to a new study this week in PLOS ONE. Researchers have studied the sleep patterns of captive ...and more »

Fitness trackers on elephants reveal they sleep less than any other mammal on Earth -

How do you measure the sleep of a mammal weighing several tonnes, that could flatten you in seconds? Tranquilise it and tuck a fitness tracker in its trunk. This was the approach used by a team from the School of Anatomical Sciences at the University ...and more »