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Nest's New Security Cam Keeps a Sharp Eye on Your Smart Home - WIRED

Few smart home gadgets command the popularity of the Nest Cam, an all-seeing, all-knowing in-home camera system. People used it to spy on their babysitters and house cleaners, capture unexpected moments like a baby's first steps, or watch over their ...and more »

Nest Cam IQ vs Nest Cam Indoor: What's the difference? -

Nest has announced a new smart home security camera to its line-up in the form of the Nest Cam IQ. The new device brings several advancements over the Nest Cam Indoor, though it also adds a few pounds to the price tag, which could make the decision ...and more »

Nest Cam IQ: a security camera that recognizes you - Christian Science Monitor

A high-resolution security camera and Google's facial recognition technology combine to help protect people's homes, but the data capture raises potential privacy concerns. Nest Cam IQ is a home security camera with Google's facial recognition ...and more »

Nest Cam IQ is a $300 indoor camera with a 6-core processor - Ars Technica

A 4K sensor (limited to 1080p recording) allows for a digital zoom and enhance feature. Ron Amadeo - 5/31/2017, 12:01 AM. reader comments 73. Share this story. The Nest Cam IQ. The blue glow means it's recording. Ron Amadeo. The back. Check out that ...and more »

Nest security camera knows who's home with Google face tech - Phys.Org

This photo provided by Nest Labs shows the Nest Cam IQ. Nest Labs is adding Google's facial recognition technology to a high-resolution security camera that will provide a glimpse at the potential for increasingly intelligent, …more. Nest Labs is ...and more »

Nest Cam IQ uses Google AI to make the smart home a bit smarter - VentureBeat

The promise of the smart home has been disappointingly slow to fulfill. But Nest Labs is hoping to make homes a little smarter with its new indoor security camera, the Nest Cam IQ. The $299 device will feature a 4K camera and deploy some of the ...and more »

Nest's new smart home camera lets you zoom and enhance, for real - Digital Trends

In the battle to control your smart home, Nest just dropped some serious ordnance in the form of a new home security camera. It's called the Nest Cam IQ, and it's brimming with cutting-edge imaging tech that could erase some of the biggest complaints ...and more »

Here's What Nest Has Been Working On: A Slicker, Smarter Security Camera - Fast Company

Two years in the making, the Nest IQ ups Nest's game in design, image quality, and AI-infused features. Here's What Nest Has Been Working On: A Slicker, Smarter Security Camera. By Harry McCracken 3 minute Read. More than any other company, Nest Labs ...and more »

Alphabet's Nest launches update to home security camera - Financial Times

Alphabet's smart home unit Nest is launching a high-definition update to its internet-connected home security camera, powered by Google's artificial intelligence technology, a year after the departure of its co-founder Tony Fadell. This week's ...and more »

Nest cams back from the dead with new home monitoring device - The Verge

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Nest, the company that so wonderfully disrupted the home thermostat market back in 2011, has been in a moribund state the past couple of years. Its mobile apps haven't changed, its product lineup has stagnated, and ...and more »