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How will tonight's moon affect human behaviour? -

Do not be alarmed if you find yourself struggling to fall asleep tonight, for there could be a perfectly scientific reason for your insomnia. Hovering outside your window will be the biggest and brightest moon the planet has seen since January 1948 - a ...and more »

Moon viewers share best pictures of the supermoon -

MOON gazers took to social media to share their most incredible photos of the supermoon that dominated Australia's night sky. Here are the best. Victoria Craw@Victoria_Craw · 15, 20168:55am. Video; Image ...and more »

Supermoon? Meh. It may be closer, but it won't be super duper - University of Wisconsin-Madison

NASA,, Sky & Telescope magazine, observatories everywhere — just about any entity with a stake in the night sky — have been busy telling us how great the full moon will be Nov. 14 because the satellite will be closer to Earth than it's been ...and more »

Brightest supermoon since 1948 fills the sky - CNN

(CNN) The full moon is bigger and brighter than it's been in decades, delighting stargazers, photographers and anyone who's taken a moment or two to look up at the nighttime sky over the past day or two. In fact, NASA scientists say that the moon is ...and more »

Did you see the extra bright 'supermoon'? - New Vision

PIC: A woman takes a picture as a "supermoon" rises over the desert near Tabuk, some 1500 kilometers northwest of the Saudi capital Riyadh on Monday. (AFP) Skygazers took to high-rise buildings, tourist landmarks and beaches worldwide on Monday to ...and more »

Supermoons are big and bright, but not as rare as the hype would suggest - The Conversation US

As an observational astronomer who teaches students about the behavior of the moon, I'm thankful for anything that inspires people to go out and look at the sky. For me it's second nature to pay attention to the moon; when my son was born, I would take ...and more »

Behold November's Super-Duper Supermoon - Sky & Telescope

You won't want to miss the biggest, brightest full Moon in more than 68 years. Find out what makes supermoon 2016 so special and how best to view it. Supermoon 2016 is an absolute Supersight. The Moon will be precisely full on Monday, November 14th at ...and more »

The Supermoon and Other Moons That Are Super in Their Own Ways - New York Times

Shrug off the supermoon. Yes, it's true that on Sunday and Monday nights the full moon will be at its closest to Earth in nearly 70 years. But to the casual observer, it probably won't look much different from a regular full moon. Yet headlines ...and more »

Supermoon: Fact Vs. Fiction - Forbes

(Image credits: Truman Photo: Edmonston Studio, Wikimedia Commons; LP Image: Shutterstock; Moon Landing: Photo by NASA/Newsmakers; Beaver vector: Freepik) (Moon Image: LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images). This Nov. 14, the full Moon will light up ...and more »

This week's supermoon is going to be more super than usual (we promise) - Popular Science

If you needed a reason to step outside, look up, and feel small in the Universe, next week gives an opportunity as good as any. A moon becomes a “supermoon" when it appears up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than when it's at its farthest ...and more »