Overwatch PTR Update Tones Down The New Character Before She's Released - GameSpot

A new update has been detailed for the Public Test Realm version of Overwatch, adjusting balance for a handful of characters--including the newest addition, Orisa. Orisa has not yet been released in the live game, but she's been available to PTR ...and more »

Overwatch's New Character Won't Arrive Until Later In March - GameSpot

While she's already live on the Public Test Realm, Overwatch's newest character may not launch in the full game until later this month. That's according to Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan, who shared a vague time table for the release of Orisa in a ...and more »

Blizzard Reveals More Overwatch Story Content is On the Way - Gamer Professionals (blog)

When new Overwatch character Orisa was released onto the public test realm, they did so without an accompanying comic or short film. This caused many fans to believe Blizzard was moving away from fleshing out the game's characters and stories through ...and more »

Overwatch Players Are Sending Their Respects To Ana After Her Recent Nerf - iTech Post

Blizzard has released the details of the upcoming Public Test Region (PTR) patch that took a major hit on everyone's favorite healing sniper, Ana. Because of this, fans are holding "services" and "memorials" over the nerfs that have decreased both her ...and more »

Overwatch gets a new hero - eSports Pro

Orisa is a member of the tank class, and seems to be more in the Reinhardt school of tanks than any other. Orisa's abilities make it sound like she is focused on absorbing a lot of damage and boosting her allies potential, while being fairly stationary ...and more »

'Overwatch': Why it needs to have story events mode - International Business Times AU

There have been some ideas from fans of “Overwatch” that can make a positive outcome to the already famous game. Apparently a certain fan was able to explain why a story events mode is a better fit to the game rather than a new story mode.and more »

New Overwatch Character Won't Be Fully Released for a Few More Weeks - IGN India

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has some bad news for those of you waiting for the new hero Orisa. If you've been eagerly awaiting Orisa's introduction to the live servers after her announcement last week and subsequent addition to the Public Test ...and more »

'Overwatch' Orisa Release Date Xbox One, PS4, PC: When to expect the new tank hero - Mic

Sorry, Overwatch fans. You'll have to wait at least another week before you can play the brand new hero, Orisa, on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Blizzard has confirmed that Orisa, the robotic, centaur-like, crossing-guard hero would not make her way from the ...and more »

The new Overwatch hero Orisa will stay on the PTR a little longer than usual - PC Gamer

It's been almost a week since the new Overwatch tank Orisa was introduced to the world, but if you've been holding your breath waiting for her to go into to full release, you might want to exhale. Game director Jeff Kaplan said in a recent Battle.net ...and more »

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Being a pro gamer isn't easy. Mastering top competitive games takes hundreds of hours of practice — but also knowledge. Each week, we'll share the most useful tips and tricks to improve your play. It's time to get good. The 24th Overwatch hero, Orisa ...and more »