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Pentagon successfully tests missile defense system amid rising concerns about North Korea - Los Angeles Times

Amid heightened concerns over the threat posed by North Korea, a much-anticipated test of the homeland missile defense system succeeded Tuesday, when a rocket launched from the Santa Barbara County coast hit and destroyed a target warhead fired into ...and more »

North Korea says missile landed within 23 feet of target: 'Scary news for the US' - Chicago Tribune

North Korea's latest ballistic missile test involved a new rocket with a precision guidance system that landed within 23 feet of its target, its state-controlled news agency said Tuesday. Leader Kim Jong Un oversaw the launch of the missile early ...and more »

Thinking the Unthinkable With North Korea - New York Times

President Trump has promised the world that he will “solve” the North Korean nuclear crisis before the country's leader, Kim Jong-un, can screw a nuclear weapon onto a missile that can reach San Francisco or Los Angeles, a grim feat that experts say he ...and more »

Countries North Korea Can Currently Hit With Their Missiles - World Press Review

According to experts, the missile test North Korea launched on the morning of May 14, had considerably longer range than prior attempts. Some scientists suggest that it may have been the new mobile missile seen in North Korea's April 15, 2017, parade.and more »

US Missile Defense Still Has a Long, Long Way to Go - WIRED

The United States successfully tested its interceptor missile defense system on Tuesday, essentially shooting an incoming missile out of the sky. An impressive technological feat to be sure, one the Pentagon likens to hitting a bullet with another ...and more »

News Wrap: US military successfully stops missile in simulated attack - PBS NewsHour

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day's other news: The U.S. military announced that it knocked a mock warhead out of the sky in the first such test in three years. It targeted a long-range missile like the one that North Korea is developing. An interceptor ...and more »

Interceptor 'Completely Obliterated' Mock Missile, Pentagon Says - Bloomberg

The Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency released a video that it says shows the a ground-based interceptor successfully destroying a mock intercontinental ballistic missile on Tuesday. (Source: Bloomberg). LISTEN TO ARTICLE. 4:06. SHARE THIS ARTICLE.and more »

What game theory says about dealing with North Korea - The Conversation AU

North Korea fired its third missile in three weeks on May 29, once again drawing protests from South Korea and Japan. Tensions have been rising in the region since the start of the year when Kim Jong-Un's regime started a series of tests, of which this ...and more »

How America Can Thwart North Korea's Nuclear Threat - The National Interest Online

The highest priority foreign-policy objective of the United States is permanent removal of all nuclear weapons and bomb-capable materials from North Korea. The current strategy of coercive diplomacy, combining negotiation and sanctions, has failed.and more »

Missile Defense Test Succeeds, Pentagon Says, Amid Tensions With North Korea - New York Times

WASHINGTON — A re-engineered American interceptor rocket collided with a mock intercontinental ballistic missile on Tuesday afternoon in the skies over the Pacific Ocean, the Pentagon said, in the first successful test of whether it could shoot down a ...and more »