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Super Mario Run Earnings Top $53 Million - MacStories

Nintendo shared some figures about the performance of Super Mario Run, which debuted last December. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the game has been downloaded 78 million times, and 5% of users have paid $9.99 to unlock the full game, earning ...and more »

Nintendo's 'Super Mario Run' Scores Revenue, but CEO Wants More - Wall Street Journal

'Super Mario Run' has generated more than $53 million in revenue since going on sale in December. Photo: kim kyung-hoon/Reuters. By. Takashi Mochizuki. Takashi Mochizuki. The Wall Street Journal. BiographyTakashi Mochizuki · @mochi_wsj · takashi ...and more »

'Super Mario Run' made Nintendo $53 million - Engadget

How well has Nintendo's first experiment in mobile gaming fared so far? Quite well... though it's not enough for the company's tastes. The gaming giant has revealed that Super Mario Run has pulled in more than ¥6 billion ($53 million) in revenue since ...and more »

Just 5% of people who downloaded 'Super Mario Run' paid $10 for the full game - Business Insider

"Super Mario Run" launched on December 15 exclusively for Apple's iPhone and iPad. It's a free game to download, and you can even play a few levels — but, after that, you've gotta pony up $10 for the full experience. And $10 for an iPhone game is, to ...and more »

Fans speculate on what's behind Super Mario Odyssey's magic hat - Polygon

Super Mario Odyssey's reveal trailer introduced many questions about the Nintendo Switch game, due this winter. Chief among these: What's the deal with the eyes on Mario's hat? A Reddit user came up with an answer that makes quite a bit of sense. Mario ...and more »

Super Mario Run's First Major Update Brings Easy Mode - Softpedia News

Nintendo's Super Mario Run is going to make its debut on the Android platform in March, but by that time, iOS players will get to test a couple of new gameplay features the Japanese developer has decided to add into the mix. The most recent update for ...and more »

Super Mario Run hits 78 million downloads—but only five percent buy it - Ars Technica

Nintendo laments poor conversion rate, but Pokémon Sun and Moon bring it back to profit. Mark Walton - Jan 31, 2017 1:54 pm UTC. Enlarge. YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images. reader comments. Share this story. Nintendo's Super Mario Run, the portly ...and more »

Super Mario Run Update Adds Easy Mode, Gold Goomba Event - IGN

As Nintendo confirmed on Twitter, the update adds a new Easy Mode that will provide players with unlimited Bubbles and eliminate the time limit. Super Mario Run's version 1.1.0 patch notes. The update also changes Toad Rally mode, making it easier to ...and more »

People are paying for Super Mario Run in surprising numbers - The Verge

Nintendo has finally shone some light on the performance of its first real mobile game, Super Mario Run, and the news is surprisingly good. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the company says the game has been downloaded more than 78 million times ...and more »

New 'Gold Goombas' Event Announced For Super Mario Run - Ubergizmo

gold-goombas If you recall, Nintendo had previously confirmed that they do not have intentions to release DLCs for Super Mario Run. We know this can come off the wrong way as it would suggest that Nintendo has no intention of keeping the game fresh and ...and more »