Super Mario Run hits 78 million downloads—but only five percent buy it - Ars Technica

Nintendo laments poor conversion rate, but Pokémon Sun and Moon bring it back to profit. Mark Walton (UK) - 1/31/2017, 5:54 AM. Enlarge. YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images. reader comments 86. Share this story. Nintendo's Super Mario Run, the portly ...and more »

Nintendo's 'Super Mario Run' Scores Revenue, but CEO Wants More - Wall Street Journal

OSAKA, Japan—Nintendo Co. said its smartphone game “Super Mario Run” has brought in more than $50 million since going on sale in December, a performance analysts said was better than expected, although Nintendo's chief executive wasn't satisfied.and more »

Around 5 percent of 'Super Mario Run' downloaders end up buying the game - TechCrunch

Some additional insight out of today's Nintendo earnings. The gaming giant offered some key contextual information about Mario's recent mobile debut. The title has racked up more than 78 million downloads globally, according to the company, pulling in ...and more »

Super Mario Run runs past 78M downloads and $53M in revenue - The Next Web

Nintendo is on a roll. The Wall Street Journal reports the Japanese game-maker has stacked up over 78 million downloads with the release of Super Mario Run, accumulating more than $53 million in revenue in the process. While Super Mario Run is free to ...and more »

Nintendo's massive $741 million mistake - New Zealand Herald

Despite tech heavyweights Nintendo and Apple putting serious money into the project, the financial results have been less than desirable. Photo / 123RF. When Super Mario Run was released on the iPhone last December, it was tipped to be one of the top ...and more »

'Super Mario Run' made Nintendo $53 million - Engadget

How well has Nintendo's first experiment in mobile gaming fared so far? Quite well... though it's not enough for the company's tastes. The gaming giant has revealed that Super Mario Run has pulled in more than ¥6 billion ($53 million) in revenue since ...and more »

Super Mario Run: Revenue Exceeds $53M, Downloaded Over 78M Times - Tech Times

Nintendo's 'Super Mario Run' has been downloaded over 78 million times by gamers per reports. The game has raked in revenue in excess of $53 million. ( Super Mario Run ). Advertisement. Nintendo released both Pokémon Go and Super Mario Run in ...and more »

Just 5% of people who downloaded 'Super Mario Run' paid $10 for the full game - Business Insider

"Super Mario Run" launched on December 15 exclusively for Apple's iPhone and iPad. It's a free game to download, and you can even play a few levels — but, after that, you've gotta pony up $10 for the full experience. And $10 for an iPhone game is, to ...and more »

Super Mario Run Update Adds Easy Mode and Better Toad Rally Rewards - Twinfinite

Super Mario Run received an update today, adding an easy difficulty option for its World Tour mode and better rewards for playing Toad Rally. Easy Mode gives the player unlimited tries and removes the time limit to complete a level, but any regular or ...and more »

Super Mario Run only got 5 percent of players to cough up their coins - CNET

Super Mario Run, Nintendo's first mobile game, was supposed to be a smashing success. But although it's hit 78 million since its December 15 release on the iPhone last year, only 5 percent of players paid the $10, £8 0r AU$15 to unlock the full game, ...and more »