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This Graphene-Powered Electronic Skin Could Give Future Prosthetic Limbs The Sense Of Touch - Tech Times

Amputees who wear prosthetic limbs could soon have a much better alternative, which will give them a sense of touch, as well as temperature and texture. The new technology is a solar-energy powered prosthetic limb, which will entirely replace batteries.and more »

Solar-powered 'skin' could make prosthetics more real - CNET

Ravinder Dahiya of the University of Glasgow holds his team's hand covered in solar-powered electronic skin. University of Glasgow. Many people try to stay out of the sun. But if a new type of solar-powered electronic skin makes its way onto ...and more »

Solar-powered skin for prosthetic limbs - The Hindu

Amputees with prosthetic limbs may soon get a better sense of touch, temperature and texture, thanks to the energy-saving power of the sun, British researchers said on Thursday. While prosthetics are usually fully powered using batteries, a new ...and more »

This New Robot Skin Is More Sensitive Than A Human Hand - Forbes

It's a softer, gentler kind of skin. Researchers at the University of Glasgow have developed an electronic, self-powered robotic mitt that's more sensitive to touch than a human hand. Professor Ravinder Dahiya, an electrical engineer at the University ...and more »

Solar-powered skin gives bionic hand a sense of touch - The Times

Solar-powered skin that could allow people who have lost a limb to lead a more normal life has been unveiled by engineers in Scotland. The team at Glasgow University, who are working on technology which will give amputees back the sense of touch, have ...and more »

Solar-powered synthetic skin could give prostheses a sense of touch - New Atlas

For years Ravinder Dahiya has been developing thin and flexible electronics, the kind that could be used for synthetic skin, and for years the material scientist has wrestled with various obstacles. These include making sensors that are small enough ...and more »

Solar-powered skin could help prosthetics imbue sense of touch - Inhabitat

Engineers from the University of Glasgow have developed a synthetic skin that could help amputees regain their sense of touch. Clad in graphene, a form of graphite just one atom thick yet tougher than steel, the “electronic skin” even uses photovoltaic ...and more »

Solar-powered synthetic skin could give robots a sense of touch and allow amputees to feel again -

Scientists have developed a new type of robotic skin that can harvest energy from the sun and is more sensitive to touch than a human hand. The synthetic skin is made from "wonder material" graphene, which despite being just a single atom thick, is ...and more »

Artificial skin with solar cells could power prosthetics - Engadget

Researchers at Glasgow University have successfully developed a new type of artificial skin that is more sensitive than our own. Made of just a single atomic layer of graphene, the new soft feeling epidermis functions as its own sophisticated touch sensor.and more »

Robotic graphene hand covered in 'electronic skin' harvests energy from the sun and is more sensitive to touch than ... - Daily Mail

A robotic hand covered in 'electronic skin' that can harvest the sun's energy and feel touch better than a human has been developed by scientists. The electric skin is made from graphene - an ultra-thin form of carbon that is only an atom thick, but ...and more »