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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard review: - CNET

The Good Resident Evil 7 is a terrifying survival horror game that nails all the things that have made the series so highly regarded. It's a superb balance of progression, challenge and flow and doesn't get caught up in the monotony of upgrades and ...and more »

The newest 'Resident Evil' game is out now — and it's as gross as it is gorgeous - Business Insider

There are few moments in video games that fans remember as vividly as an early scene in the first "Resident Evil" game. Your crew of special agents has split up to explore a seemingly abandoned mansion. You turn a corner and find a humanoid creature ...and more »

Twinning! Milla Jovovich and Her Lookalike Daughter Ever Go Glam for Resident Evil Premiere -

Beauty, fashion savvy and acting talent are just three of Milla Jovovich's traits, but her 9-year-old daughter Ever Gabo inherited them all. The duo hit the red carpet with dad Paul W.S. Anderson in Los Angeles for the Monday premiere of Resident Evil ...and more »

The Scariest Thing in 'Resident Evil 7' Is the Silence - Motherboard

Resident Evil 7 opens with your character, Ethan, approaching a seemingly abandoned plantation mansion in Dulvey, Louisiana. The bayou climate is hot and humid. Bugs buzz obnoxiously about your head, and your hand constantly intrudes on your first ...and more »

New releases for wintry nights in - The Japan Times

New “Biohazard” (“Resident Evil” in the West) games are always a very big deal, so it's no surprise that “Resident Evil 7” is causing a fuss. “RE7” is set in Louisiana four years after “Resident Evil 6.” The protagonist is Ethan Winters, a man who is ...and more »

'Resident Evil 7: Biohazard' review - Digital Trends

Resident Evil 7 is a scary return to form. It brings out the best qualities of the series. Resident Evil 7 is a scary return to form. It brings out the best qualities of the series. Highs. Tense and frightening; Beautifully detailed, uber-creepy ...and more »

Resident Evil 7 review: a bold and terrifying return to form - The Verge

Resident Evil is at its best when it's doing something new. When the series debuted in 1996, its slow-paced, exploration-heavy take on zombies was so influential it spurred a whole new genre dubbed “survival horror.” A decade later, Resident Evil 4 ...and more »

Resident Evil 7 review: It's scarily good -

A return to Resi's roots, a new first-person perspective and the shock-impact of VR put the horror back into the survival-horror benchmark with a vengeance. Read full verdict. For. Truly terrifying; Looks great; Decent puzzles; PlayStation VR control ...and more »

Resident Evil's Milla Jovovich and Paul WS Anderson reflect on zombies and the Final Chapter - South China Morning Post

When Resident Evil: The Final Chapter opens this week in cinemas worldwide, Milla Jovovich will have played the gravity-defying, zombie-slaughtering heroine Alice in six films. It remains a mystery how differently this lucrative action-horror franchise ...and more »

'Resident Evil 7: Biohazard' VR Review – Bringing The Survival Back to Horror Games - UploadVR

I can no longer tell if the heavy breathing I hear is coming from my own mouth, or from the mouth of Ethan, the main protagonist I'm controlling in Resident Evil 7 on PS4 using a PS VR headset. Using my actual body, I lean forward on my couch, craning ...and more »