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This Deep Sea Fisherman Posts His Discoveries on Twitter and OH MY GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE - Gizmodo

Roman Fedortsov is a deep sea fisherman in Russia. And he's been taking photos of OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT? Seriously, I just took a quick three-minute scroll through Fedortsov's Twitter page, and he has photos of ocean creatures that look like they're ...and more »

Don't hate on deep-sea critters. They've got to be weird to survive. - Popular Science

You can count on the deep ocean to spawn surreal creatures that, depending on your point of view, look very beautiful or very unnerving. A deep-sea fisherman in Murmansk, Russia, has taken to sharing some of his most striking catches on Twitter.and more »

Russian Deep-Sea Fisherman Shares Pictures Of Bizarre Creatures He Caught - Tech Times

A local fisherman in Russia has taken the internet by storm after posting several images of alien-looking creatures he has caught during his journeys at sea. Roman Fedortsov has been posting some his catches on Twitter for the past few months now.and more »

These Russian fish look like something straight out of science fiction -

At first glance, Roman Fedortsov's Twitter account looks like it's filled with photos from a horror movie. But, the Russian fisherman isn't posting photos of creatures created in Hollywood - they're actual fish and other animals he's pulled from the ...and more »

Meet the Russian deep-sea fisherman who's posting his most nightmarish catches for all to see -

If Tim Burton ever told a fish story, it'd have to feature some of these monsters. Roman Fedortsov is a deep-sea fisherman living in Murmansk, a village in Russia near Finland and the Barents Sea. Species that inhabit the depths of the North Atlantic ...and more »

Fisherman's photos of extraordinary creatures from the deep dark sea - Treehugger

A Russian deep-sea fisherman tweets photos of the wild things he finds while exploring the depths of the ocean. So there's a deep-sea fisherman named Roman Fedortsov who works on a fishing trawler out of Murmansk, Russia. He finds things during the ...and more »

Russian fisherman's photos of creepy sea creatures go viral on social media - French Tribune

A deep-sea fisherman from Russia gained a loyal following on social media after he shared some of his most striking catches through photo-sharing service Instagram. Roman Fedorstov used to post idyllic shots of forests, waterfalls and other landscapes ...and more »

Nightmares await with fisherman's creepy-creature photos - CNET

A deep sea fish or a character from director Guillermo del Toro's film "Pan's Labyrinth" -- who's to say for sure? Roman Fedortsov/Instagram. Creature discomforts. Eel fights octopus and snorkeler in exciting video smackdown · Mysterious 'ghost shark ...and more »

SHOCKING: Not aliens or sci-fi, these are real terrifying creatures caught deep down in ocean - International Business Times, Singapore Edition

Roman Fedortsov, a trawlerman, has shared pictures of some creatures that got caught in his fishing nets. By Bihu Ray. December 22, 2016 17:28 +08. Terrifying creature One of the creatures that got caught in Roman Fedortsov's net more »

The terrifying 'alien creatures' of the deep: Russian fisherman becomes online hit after revealing his bizarre ... - Daily Mail

It can be easy to forget that an alien world lives right beneath us – the mysterious ecosystem of the deep ocean, where the creatures of your nightmares lurk far below the surface. But, the Twitter feed of one Russian fisherman could make you think ...and more »