We Finally Know Why Seabirds Eat Plastic - Care2.com

Heartbreaking stories of seabirds eating plastic — and the accompanying horrible images — are everywhere, but now scientists are an important question: Why do seabirds eat plastic in the first place? And why are some more likely to have bellies full ...

The Chemical That Tricks Seabirds Into Eating Plastic - Chem.Info

One of the lesser understood implications, however, is its impact on seabirds who often mistake plastic debris for food. A recent study by researchers at the University of California-Davis found that the problem isn't as simple as birds becoming confused.

Seabirds eat plastic because it smells like dinner - Futurity: Research News

If it smells like food, and looks like food, it must be food, right? Not in the case of ocean-faring birds that are sometimes found with bellies full of plastic. Marine plastic debris emits the scent of a sulfurous compound that some seabirds have ...

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Scientists have finally figured out why seabirds eat plastic, although it has no nutritional value. On the contrary, seabirds which swallow plastic have an elevated risk of getting injured, while sometimes they even die.