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Snapchat Spectacles Are Fetching $1000 Or More on Ebay - Fortune

In an early sign of high demand, sci-fi sunglasses from the parent company of Snapchat are selling for markups of 700% or more on eBay. The new Spectacles, stylish glasses that can record 10-second video snippets, cost $129.99 at retail from a handful ...and more »

Everything you need to know about Snapchat's Spectacles glasses, including how to buy them - Business Insider

The glasses, which record video to be shared through the Snapchat app, were first announced in September and officially went on sale Thursday. Spectacles cost $130 and are initially being sold only through pop-up vending machines across the U.S ...and more »

How to Snag a Pair of Snapchat Spectacles Online - Tom's Guide

Editors' Note: This story has been updated now that Spectacles are available for sale online. Perhaps when you first heard about Spectacles, the video-capturing eyewear from Snapchat, you couldn't get your hands on the hard-to-find $129 glasses. Well ...and more »

Sold-out Snapchat Spectacles are already selling big on eBay - USA TODAY

VENICE BEACH, California — Tech workers, social media enthusiasts, students and journalists flooded here first thing Thursday morning to get their hands on the coveted Snapchat Spectacles. The $129 video sunglasses went on sale, with no advance notice ...and more »

Here are some more details of how Snap's Spectacles work - TechCrunch

Snap's Spectacles are starting to hit the streets, and eBay. I've been able to glean some details about the way they work from early users. The images above and below come from the auction listing, which has already hit $553 as I write this. The ...and more »

Snapchat Spectacles are here and they are ridiculously fun - The Verge

When Snap, Inc. announced earlier this year that it had created a pair of video-recording sunglasses called Spectacles, it was a little hard to get a handle on just what the end result would be. Snap was new to the hardware game, and more ambitious ...and more »

Snapchat's Spectacles are here—and you have to buy them from a vending machine - Quartz

When was the last time you bought anything bigger than a soda or a sandwich from a vending machine? Chances are, unless you've been really desperate at an airport with a Best Buy electronics vending machine, you probably haven't bought a piece of ...and more »

I just bought Snap's new Spectacles from a vending machine - Recode

A physical-world stunt for a multi-platform digital media phenomenon. Welcome to the future. By Zach Servideo Nov 10, 2016, 4:50pm EST. tweet · share · Linkedin. The author scored his Snapchat Spectacles at a pop-up kiosk in Venice Beach. I woke up ...and more »

You can buy Snapchat Spectacles today (if you're lucky) - CNET

You can now post Snaps with your face. In September, Snap Inc. (formerly called Snapchat) announced Spectacles, $130 sunglasses that can shoot first-person videos and upload them to ephemeral-messaging service Snapchat. Starting Thursday, you can buy ...and more »

Snapchat Spectacles: video is sketchy but really, so what? - USA TODAY

LOS ANGELES — For a short span Thursday, consumers got a chance to buy Snapchat's new $129 Spectacles. Within a few hours, they were gone. USA TODAY wasn't one of the lucky ones, even after a two-hour wait, but we got to borrow a pair to test out ...and more »