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Sony Shipped A Record 20 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles Last Fiscal Year - Forbes

In its fiscal year-end earnings release, Sony reported it shipped a record 20 million PlayStation 4 consoles, 2.3 million more than its previous high point through fiscal year 2015. The company has now moved over 60 million units since the console ...and more »

PlayStation 5 Will Release in 2018, Analyst Predicts - Game Rant

Expect the PlayStation 5 to launch in 2018 according to an analyst with Macquarie Capital Securities named Damian Thong. Thong believes that a “next-generation PlayStation” is key to Sony's future strategy and could lead to a significant increase in ...and more »

PlayStation 4 has never been more important to Sony - Engadget

Sony's PlayStation division has never been more important to its bottom line. The company posted some lacklustre numbers today for the fiscal year ending on March 31st, but its video game efforts continue to impress. The company sold 20 million ...and more »

Sony returns to black on healthy chip, game, battery sales - Phys.Org

Sony Corp. reported Friday a January-March profit of 27.7 billion yen ($250 million) on the back of healthy sales of image sensors, PlayStation 4 game software and batteries for mobile devices, marking a recovery from its red ink a year ago.and more »

Sony PlayStation 5 May Arrive Sooner Than Expected - Forbes

The original Sony PlayStation launched in December 1994. The PlayStation 2 came roughly six years later, and the PlayStation 3 six years after that. Seven years after the PS3 launched, the PlayStation 4 arrived, and just a few months ago, Sony ...and more »

Despite Analyst Predictions, PlayStation 5 In 2018 Seems Unlikely And Unwise - Forbes

This past week, there's been a lot of talk circulating around a prediction made by Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong, who says that Sony will release its next-generation PlayStation, ie. PlayStation 5, sometime in the second half of 2018.and more »

Sony Doesn't Need a PS5 to Kick Scorpio's Butt - Tom's Guide

You may have heard rumblings that Sony plans to release a PlayStation 5 as soon as 2018. But don't pull the plug on your PS4 just yet — Sony certainly doesn't need a new piece of hardware to keep winning the console war. Credit: Jeremy Lips / Tom's ...and more »

Sony Expects Big Boost This Year from Image Sensor Business - Fortune

Sony on Friday said it expects annual profit to surge 73%, closing in on a two decade-old record, as its cash-cow image sensor business recovers from quake damage just as smartphone makers start loading handsets with more sensors. Sony forecast 500 ...and more »

Digital Accounted for More Than Half of Sony Music's 2016 Recorded Music Revenues - Billboard

Sony Corp.'s music operations reported $677 million (75.8 billion yen) on sales of $5.8 billion (647.7 billion yen) for the year ended March 31. That represents a 7.6% decline from the $773 million (86.5 billion yen) in operating income from the prior ...and more »

PlayStation 4 posts strong numbers for Sony - TechSpot

Sony just released its earnings report for the 2016 fiscal year ending March 31, 2017. While the company's mobile, camera, movie, television, and music divisions all posted losses, Sony's video game arm did well. The company sold 20 million PlayStation ...and more »