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The Lego Batman Movie, review: Scrumdiddlyumptious - Evening Standard

Humour is a killer weapon. Few sane adults are looking forward to Zack Snyder's The Justice League but loads of them are dying to see a children's cartoon in which plastic toys attempt to save Gotham City. That's because 2014's The Lego Movie was one ...and more »

Fun Batman or Dark Batman? Hell, Why Not Both - WIRED

Every fan knows Batman's origin story. No, not the one about Bruce Wayne's parents dying in Crime Alley. I'm talking about the tale of a gritty urban vigilante who was created in 1939, only to be mercilessly watered down into kid-friendly fluff ...and more »

Review: Pow! 'Lego Batman Movie' hits with humor - The Detroit News

“The Lego Batman Movie” is an irreverent blast, a fun, funny send-up of the Caped Crusader and his world that turns out to be just the shot of adrenaline the dour superhero with the permanent scowl needs right now. It's been awhile since a “Batman ...and more »

The Lego Batman Movie Is the Funniest Superhero Movie in Years - The Atlantic

Moviegoers' first look at the Caped Crusader in Tim Burton's 1992 gothic masterpiece Batman Returns was a peculiar one. Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) sits in his desk chair, brooding silently in a giant, dark office, with seemingly nothing to do ...and more »

The Lego Batman Movie builds on original: review - Toronto Star

Robin is there to help whether Batman likes it or not in The Lego Batman Movie. (Warner Bros. Pictures / Warner Bros. Pictures). Animated comic superhero adventure featuring the voices of Will Arnett, Zach Galifianakis, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson and ...and more »

Review: Everything is awesome about 'Lego Batman Movie' - Detroit Free Press

One of the weaknesses of most Batman films is that they're unwilling to question the nature of Batman himself, to interrogate the vigilante who patrols Gotham City single-handedly and anonymously. After all, in the eyes of at least some unhappy ...and more »

Lego Batman Movie review: Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-no thanks (for grown-ups) - Ars Technica

Nearly a decade has passed since Gotham's biggest superhero peaked in The Dark Knight, and every major Batman film since has ranged from serviceable to tragic. Now's a good time for a shot in Gotham's arm. Could a sillier, tongue-in-cheek take on ...and more »

'LEGO Batman', 'Fifty Shades Darker' & 'John Wick 2' Set to Light Up the Weekend Box Office - Box Office Mojo

SATURDAY AM UPDATE: Universal's Fifty Shades Darker led the way on Friday with an estimated $21.5 million, heading toward a three-day opening north of $46-50 million. Meanwhile, WB's The LEGO Batman Movie took in an estimated $15 million ...and more »

The Lego Batman Movie review – funny, exciting and packed with gags - The Guardian

Growing inexorably in awesomeness, the Lego movie empire delivers another fantastically funny and highly sophisticated pop culture adventure, though with only a hint of the first film's existential angst. (Gotham City is said to be built on thin planks ...and more »

The LEGO Batman Movie: All Those Wonderful Toys -

With The LEGO Batman Movie, a shiny, irresistible delight, blockbuster flicks have perfected their ideal form. Movies were Legos before the Danes invented Legos. Paintings and poetry and novels are handcrafted toys; the artist whittles alone. But films ...and more »