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Review: In 'The Lego Batman Movie,' Toys and Heroes, What's Not to Like? - New York Times

As gateway drugs go, “The Lego Batman Movie” is pretty irresistible. It's silly without being truly strange or crossing over into absurdity. Along the way it pulls off a nifty balancing act: It gives the PG audience its own Batman movie (it's a ...and more »

The Lego Batman Movie builds on original: review - Toronto Star

He sits alone in his Batcave, crunching on microwaved lobster thermidor thoughtfully prepared for him by his loyal butler Alfred (Ralph Fiennes). Robin is there to help whether Batman likes it or not in The Lego Batman Movie. (Warner Bros. Pictures ...and more »

Will Arnett is back in black in hilarious 'Lego Batman Movie' - New York Post

It's lonely being the best, and don't I know it. Lego Batman knows it, too, and he's adrift inside his vast hilltop estate. When no one is watching, he eats microwave dinners for one and sits by himself watching “Jerry Maguire” on his big-screen TV. In ...and more »

Lego Batman Movie installs giant batarang on London's South Bank -

A giant batarang has been installed on London's South Bank to promote The Lego Batman Movie. Lego said on its Instagram that the batarang is made of 35,000 Lego bricks and stands at 3m tall. Check out a photo below. As part of the stunt, Warner Bros ...and more »

'LEGO Batman', 'Fifty Shades Darker' & 'John Wick 2' Set to Light Up the Weekend Box Office - Box Office Mojo

SATURDAY AM UPDATE: Universal's Fifty Shades Darker led the way on Friday with an estimated $21.5 million, heading toward a three-day opening north of $46-50 million. Meanwhile, WB's The LEGO Batman Movie took in an estimated $15 million ($1.25m from ...and more »

'Lego Batman Movie' is snappy fun - Minneapolis Star Tribune

A whole lot of money and technical savvy has gone into making “The Lego Batman Movie” look small-scale and amateurish. That's precisely what this agreeable load of inspired nonsense requires. Using a pile of little plastic figures to represent ...and more »

Review: Pow! 'Lego Batman Movie' hits with humor - The Detroit News

“The Lego Batman Movie” is an irreverent blast, a fun, funny send-up of the Caped Crusader and his world that turns out to be just the shot of adrenaline the dour superhero with the permanent scowl needs right now. It's been awhile since a “Batman ...and more »

The Lego Batman Movie: A comic-book story that is pure, glossy fun - The Globe and Mail

A standard Batman narrative takes place in a Lego-fied world with a few other Warner-owned characters thrown in for good measure, while pop-culture references fly fast and furiously. Warner Bros. Picture. Barry Hertz. Published February 10, 2017 ...and more »

The Lego Batman Movie Is the Funniest Superhero Movie in Years - The Atlantic

Like ​The Atlantic? Subscribe to ​The Atlantic Daily​, our free weekday email newsletter. Moviegoers' first look at the Caped Crusader in Tim Burton's 1992 gothic masterpiece Batman Returns was a peculiar one. Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) sits in his ...and more »

'The Lego Batman Movie' review: Spinoff builds the laughs — and mayhem — brick by brick - Chicago Tribune

Will Arnett, Ralph Fiennes, Michael Cera and Rosario Dawson voice characters in "The Lego Batman Movie." Michael PhillipsContact ReporterChicago Tribune. At its sporadic best, the crazy velocity and wisenheimer appeal of "The Lego Batman Movie" reminds ...and more »