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The newest 'Pokemon' game is as good as catching 'em all gets - Business Insider

With the massive initial success of "Pokemon Go" earlier this year, the monster-collecting cash cow entered the public consciousness in a huge way. Excitement about Pikachu and co. was as high as it's ever been since the franchise blew up in the late ...and more »

Games reviews roundup: Pokémon Sun and Moon; Playstation 4 Pro; Mekazoo - The Guardian

3DS, Nintendo, cert: 7, out now This year marks Pokémon's 20th anniversary, and this latest pair of games is a truly fitting celebration for old hands. While retaining the familiar formula of the perennially popular series, small changes create huge ...and more »

How to catch Mimikyu in 'Pokémon Sun and Moon': Location, true form and more - Mic

Mimikyu is one of the oddest creatures introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. This ghost/fairy-type Pokémon disguises itself as a Pikachu to hide its true form. The result is either adorable or terrifying, depending on who you ask. Regardless of your ...and more »

Global Missions and Rewards - IGN

Global Missions in Pokemon Sun and Moon require the cooperation of Trainers all around the world to meet a certain goal within a set period of time. If the goals are met, participants are rewarded with a variety of prizes. This page will keep record of ...and more »

'Pokémon Sun' And 'Pokémon Moon' Review: Say Alola To A Wonderful New World Of Pokémon - Forbes

Pokémon goes to the new Alola region in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon and the results are a fresh take on a classic and incredibly compelling formula. Pokémon Sun and Moon start out introducing us to both Lillie and her Pokémon Cosmog that she ...and more »

How to succeed at Pokemon Sun and Moon - The Guardian

It's been a whole three years since the last true instalment in the Pokémon franchise. While you may have been biding your time with Pokémon Go over the summer, none of those skills are going to carry over to Pokémon Sun and Moon no matter how hard ...and more »

The Pokémon constant: Someone will always beat it with Magikarp - Engadget

Worthless. Pathetic. Horribly Weak. Virtually useless. This is how Pokémon games' in-game encyclopaedias describe Magikarp, a hapless fish-creature that is widely regarded as the "worst" monster in the game series' ever-growing list of fighting creatures.and more »

Pokemon Sun and Moon Review - Alola Baby! - The Escapist

Developed by Game Freak. Published by Nintendo. Released on November 18, 2016. Available on 3DS. Review code provided by publisher. It's crazy to think that Pokemon Sun and Moon mark the seventh generation of Pokemon games. We've come a long ...and more »

Pokémon Sun and Moon Review – A New Stage of Evolution - The Koalition

I've always had a list of things I wanted to see change for the Pokémon series, but I feel many of them have been addressed in Pokémon Sun and Moon. For the seventh entry into the main series, Pokémon Sun and Moon gives everyone a new region to ...and more »

'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Cyber Monday Deals 2016: Best discounts at Target, Amazon and more - Mic

If you missed your chance to pre-order Pokémon Sun and Moon or grab it on Black Friday, you're in luck. There's still time to buy the game at a discount on Cyber Monday. Here are the best Pokémon Sun and Moon Cyber Monday deals from around the web.and more »