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Global Missions and Rewards - IGN

Global Missions in Pokemon Sun and Moon require the cooperation of Trainers all around the world to meet a certain goal within a set period of time. If the goals are met, participants are rewarded with a variety of prizes. This page will keep record of ...and more »

Games reviews roundup: Pokémon Sun and Moon; Playstation 4 Pro; Mekazoo - The Guardian

There are new islands to explore and new creatures to catch in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Games · The Observer. Games reviews roundup: Pokémon Sun and Moon; Playstation 4 Pro; Mekazoo. The latest Pokémon games are the best yet, Sony's new console is ...and more »

'Pokémon Sun' And 'Pokémon Moon' Review: Say Alola To A Wonderful New World Of Pokémon - Forbes

Forbes Games Reviews A few words before you play Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Ollie Barder , Contributor. The Alola region is new to Sun and Moon, featuring new Pokémon and variants of. The Alola region is new to Pokémon Sun ...and more »

The newest 'Pokemon' game is as good as catching 'em all gets - Business Insider

With the massive initial success of "Pokemon Go" earlier this year, the monster-collecting cash cow entered the public consciousness in a huge way. Excitement about Pikachu and co. was as high as it's ever been since the franchise blew up in the late ...and more »

Pokemon Sun and Moon Easter Eggs Guide - Game Rant

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are games designed to celebrate twenty years of Pokemon, but they're also full of Easter eggs celebrating other pop culture moments too. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are a complete revitalization of the Pokemon handheld ...and more »

The Pokémon constant: Someone will always beat it with Magikarp - Engadget

Worthless. Pathetic. Horribly Weak. Virtually useless. This is how Pokémon games' in-game encyclopaedias describe Magikarp, a hapless fish-creature that is widely regarded as the "worst" monster in the game series' ever-growing list of fighting ...and more »

Chilling Pokémon fan theory says Mimikyu is actually another Pocket Monster with a 19-year grudge - RocketNews24

Could the most infamously blacklisted Pokémon of all time be hiding under that Pikachu costume? When images first surfaced of Mimikyu, one of the new Pokémon available in Pokémon Sun and Moon, I thought it was pretty creepy. After all, it's basically a ...and more »

'Pokémon Sun' And 'Moon' Event: First Global Mission Challenges Trainers To Catch 100 Million Pokémon In 2 Weeks - Tech Times

Pokémon Sun and Moon players, you now have your first global mission: catch 100 million Pokémon in two weeks. The Event Schedule. The challenge has already been issued, and you only have until Dec. 13 to accomplish it. Does catching 100 million Pokémon ...and more »

All 7 Pokémon generations, ranked - The Daily Dot

As the seventh generation of the Pokémon franchise, Sun and Moon pay tribute to what came before while blazing a bold new path forward. Despite all the changes and new features, however, the question still remains: How do Sun and Moon stack up to the ...and more »

FIFA 17 Tops Pokémon Sun and Moon Amidst Black Friday Sales in UK - CGMagazine

Pokémon Sun and Moon have been performing quite well on international charts. But don't expect Nintendo's latest offering to land the number one and number two slots on national sales charts in the United Kingdom. According to a Nov. 28 report by GfK ...and more »