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Google Play Said to Track Your Location 24x7 in Recent Versions of Android - NDTV

It appears that with recent versions of Android, Google is making it very difficult for users to turn off location tracking on their devices. According to a security researcher, the culprit is Google Play services - the background service of Google ...and more »

Google Releases Android Security Update to Fix 2 Major Security Vulnerabilities - NDTV

Google has released an Android update that fixes two critical security holes that were posing great threat to device owners. One threat was similar to Stagefright, and the other Google claims was designed for research work, but could become malicious ...and more »

Microsoft Apps for Android -

At the time of writing there are more than 40 Microsoft apps listed in the Google Play Store. This official Microsoft app offers an at-a-glance view of the software-maker's Android offerings. In order to offer a one stop shop solution, the app splits ...and more »

CallJam malware now in Google Play, racks up cash for hackers thru premium calls - Android Community

Google has a difficult job trying to make sure all the apps within the Google Play Store – which is the primary repository and app market for the Android ecosystem – are clean without any malware and malicious code that can potentially take advantage ...and more »

Google might soon start showing file sizes on app cards in the Play Store - The Tech Portal

Though most Android smartphones these days allow you to download and transfer an app to the SD card on your mobile, but storage is still a prominent issue for those only using the built-in storage. And when the on-board storgae runs out, you need to ...and more »

Google Maps: Even if you delete this app, Google will STILL track your movements -

THINK you're safe? Research finds that Google is using the Google Play app store to monitor user activity. By Michael Moore. PUBLISHED: 10:39, Tue, Sep 13, 2016 | UPDATED: 10:53, Tue, Sep 13, 2016. 0. Google has been accused of tracking its Android ...and more »

Malware in popular app racks up your phone bill - Komando

Apps are a dime a dozen these days. With more than 2.2 million apps in Apple iTunes, 2 million in Google Play and over 660,000 Windows apps available, there's never a shortage of apps to choose from. But how do you know if the apps you download are ...and more »

Google Has Patched Two Extremely Serious Android Security Flaws - WCCFtech

Having committed itself to issuing security updates to Android on a monthly basis, Google has pushed out a new fix for its mobile operating system that patches two extremely critical flaws on the security front. Google Patches Two Lethal Security Flaws ...and more »

Android users must delete Google Maps and Google Play if they don't want their locations tracked - Fast Company

Google has made it impossible to prevent its Google Play app store from tracking your location at all times—unless you completely disable location tracking for every single app on your Android device, reports the Register. A security researcher ...and more »

Google Bent on Tracking User Location - Opptrends Magazine

It seems Google is bent on finding out where you are everytime. Many users of the latest Android build has reported issues with their battery life and have blamed Google Play for that. They said this is not far-fetched from Google's insistence to check ...and more »