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Trump's NASA Pivot - The Atlantic

Rumors that the Trump administration was more interested in the moon than Mars began circulating days after the inauguration. Leaked memos published in February revealed the president's advisers wanted NASA to send astronauts there by 2020, one part ...and more »

Astronaut Scott Kelly on the devastating effects of a year in space - The Sydney Morning Herald

I'm sitting at the head of my dining room table at home in Houston, Texas, finishing dinner with my family: my longtime girlfriend Amiko, my twin brother Mark, his wife, former US congresswoman Gabby Giffords, his daughter Claudia, our father Richie ...and more »

“Astounding”: the Moon once had an atmosphere - Cosmos

Three to four billion years ago, the giant volcanic eruptions that created the Man in the Moon also gave the Moon an atmosphere, scientists say. That's because volcanic eruptions release gases, and a new study, published online in Earth and Planetary ...and more »

US Will Return to the Moon, Pence Says - Scientific American

The Trump administration is committed to sending astronauts to the moon as part of a broader push to prioritize human spaceflight and firm up U.S. dominance in the final frontier, Vice President Mike Pence said. "We will return American astronauts to ...and more »

Lunar volcanoes and lava lakes gave the early moon an atmosphere - New Scientist

By Jeff Hecht. If you travelled back in time 3.5 billion years and looked up at the night sky, you would have seen an atmosphere around the moon. Though today it retains only a few tenuous wisps of atmosphere, new calculations show that massive ...and more »

NASA could go back to the future and revive moon base plans from a decade ago - GeekWire

Moon base. An artist's conception from 2007 shows astronauts walking up to an early lunar habitat. (NASA Illustration). In the wake of the National Space Council's first meeting, NASA says it has been told to draw up plans to send humans to the moon ...and more »

It Turns Out That Our Moon Once Had an Atmosphere - Futurism

New research shows that our Moon once had an atmosphere 3 to 4 billion years ago. It formed when volcanic eruptions rocked the ancient satellite, propelling gases above its surface too rapidly for them to seep into space. The surface of the Moon is ...and more »

That Time When Volcanic Eruptions Created a Temporary Atmosphere on the Moon - Gizmodo

Aside from some floating dust, our Moon has absolutely no atmosphere to speak of. New research suggests this wasn't always the case, and that long ago, an atmosphere briefly popped into existence as a result of intense volcanic activity. Around three ...and more »

NASA study reveals something extraordinary about the history of our MOON -

Experts at NASA believe that around three to four billion years ago, the moon had an atmosphere of its own. According to a new study from the space agency, intense volcanic activity spewed molten gases out onto the moon's surface faster than they could ...and more »

The Moon Once Had An Atmosphere? - Discover Magazine (blog)

Barren and desolate today, our moon was once swathed by a thin atmosphere. Born from geothermal eruptions when the moon was still young, gaseous traces of carbon monoxide, sulfur, hydrogen and oxygen once swirled across the moon's surface, say ...and more »