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Rouhani's election victory in Iran was dramatic, but how deep did it go? - Christian Science Monitor

May 24, 2017 Istanbul—Dancing in the streets to the powerful beats from car sound systems – on virtually the one day every four years that such spontaneous public parties are tolerated – Iranians joyously celebrated the reelection of their hero ...and more »

The Rouhani Factor - Project Syndicate

In the 1980s, the US did not formulate its policy toward the Soviet bloc without careful consideration of political developments there. It would be folly for the US to formulate policy on Iran without giving domestic developments there the attention ...and more »

Rouhani's commanding election victory might just help him change Iran - The Conversation UK

Around 70% of Iranians who were eligible to vote participated in the country's presidential election and re-elected the incumbent, Hassan Rouhani, to another four-year term. Rouhani, who was supported by Iran's moderates and reformists, won around 57 ...and more »

Trump's Call to Isolate Iran Sets Up a Challenge for Rouhani - Bloomberg

Saturday night, Iranians poured into the streets by the hundreds of thousands to celebrate the re-election of President Hassan Rouhani, whose message of opening up to the West helped him to trounce a hard-line challenger. President Rouhani prepares to ...and more »

How Hassan Rouhani Won in Iran - The Atlantic

Hassan Rouhani has won a clear victory to a second term as Iran's president. The turnout in Friday's election was close to 73 percent, with the incumbent taking some 56 percent of the over-40 million votes cast. Turnout in the last election in 2013 was ...and more »

Iran's president isn't a reformer. He's an enabler -

Hassan Rouhani, the newly re-elected president of Iran, is a creature of the Islamic Republic's establishment, an apparatchik with much guile and little imagination. And yet Rouhani's subversive political campaign may do lasting damage to the Islamic ...and more »

Emboldened by Rouhani's Win, Iranians Seek Further Reforms - New York Times

TEHRAN — Iranians came out in force to dance in the streets this weekend, breaking Islamic rules, to celebrate the re-election of President Hassan Rouhani by a large margin. Emboldened by the election results, others gathered in the capital, Tehran, ...and more »

Iran Reformists Sweep City Council Elections - Bloomberg

Reformists are set to control city councils in Iran's major cities, initial election results show, ending longstanding conservative dominance of local politics just days after moderate President Hassan Rouhani sailed to a second term. A preliminary ...and more »

Landslide Win for Iran's Reformists Doesn't Fit Trump's Script, So He Ignores It - The Intercept

The hypocrisy of America's support for unelected despots in the oil-rich Gulf states is not new, but Donald Trump's lavish praise for them on Sunday, as allies against “Islamist extremism” and “the oppression of women,” was particularly striking ...and more »

ANALYSIS: Rouhani landslide redraws Iranian political map - Middle East Eye

Incumbent Hassan Rouhani caused a surprise in the Iranian presidential election by securing just over 23.5 million votes, totalling 57 percent of the tally. While he was the clear favourite throughout the campaign, Rouhani had a late surge in the final ...and more »