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US warns Americans to avoid Cuba and slashes embassy staff after sonic attacks - The Guardian

The US is pulling out more than half its embassy staff from Cuba and warning its citizens not to travel to the island after a wave of mysterious sonic attacks that have harmed 21 American diplomats and family members. Mystery of sonic weapon attacks at ...and more »

Superintendent addresses racial slurs at USAFA - Air Force Link

The Air Force Academy superintendent addressed cadets, faculty, staff and cadet candidates Sept. 28, 2017, in the wake of racial slurs recently written on the dormitory message boards of five African American cadets at the Academy's Preparatory School ...and more »

Racial slurs written on doors of five black cadet candidates at Air Force Academy Preparatory School - Washington Post

Five black cadet candidates found racial slurs written on the message boards on their doors at the U.S. Air Force Academy Preparatory School this week, leading school officials to denounce racism and launch an investigation. Security forces are looking ...and more »

Meet the Air Force general who delivered a powerful speech against racism - Washington Post

Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria had an important message for U.S. Air Force Academy cadets at a moment of crisis. Five black cadet candidates at the academy's preparatory school in Colorado Springs had found racial slurs written on the message boards on their ...and more »

Air Force Academy Leader to Racists: You Need to Get Out - Fortune

After racial slurs were found written on message boards at the Air Force Academy prep school, superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria didn't waste any time delivering a message about diversity to the school's 4,000 cadets. As the students stood at ...and more »

US air force academy chief delivers stirring speech telling racists to 'get out' - The Guardian

Lt Gen Jay Silveria, left, said: 'If you're outraged by those words then you're in the right place. That kind of behavior has no place in the United States air force.' Photograph: Bradley Camara/US air force. The superintendent of the US air force ...and more »

Air Force Academy Head: Show Respect or Get Out - U.S. News & World Report

Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria says cadets 'should be outraged' following the discovery of racial epithets targeting black students. By Megan Trimble, Associate Editor, Social Media |Sept. 29, 2017, at 12:41 p.m.. Air Force Academy Head: Show Respect or Get Out ...and more »

AP report: US urges no travel to Cuba, cuts embassy staff - PBS NewsHour

WASHINGTON — The United States is warning Americans against visiting Cuba and ordering more than half of U.S. personnel to leave the island, senior officials said Friday, in a dramatic response to what they described as “specific attacks” on diplomats ...and more »

'You Should Be Outraged,' Air Force Academy Head Tells Cadets About Racism On Campus - NPR

After racial slurs were scrawled outside black students' doors at the U.S. Air Force Academy's preparatory school, Superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria gathered all 4,000 cadets in a hall Thursday so they could hear one message: Treat people with ...and more »

Air Force Academy superintendent urges cadets to record him as he slams racist graffiti - New York Daily News

The superintendent of the Air Force Academy condemned racist notes written on dormitory message boards of five African-American candidates at the prep school Friday — a passionate speech that was followed hours later by a report of an active shooter ...and more »