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No roars of applause for Boris Johnson - The Conversation UK

Mark Garnett does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. Partners. Lancaster ...and more »

Theresa May and the Tories: three ways to stop the bleed - The Conversation UK

Exsanguination: defined by the online Free Dictionary as “extensive blood loss due to internal or external haemorrhage”. As a metaphor for political demise it is not quite so popular as “defenestrate” or “decapitate” but in the case of Theresa May and ...and more »

All ministers are sackable - Chancellor Philip Hammond - BBC News

Philip Hammond has said he operates on the basis "everyone is sackable", amid continued Brexit cabinet tensions. All ministers serve at the discretion of the PM, the chancellor told the BBC. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's repeated Brexit ...and more »

British Pound Oversold as Markets Overplay May's Vulnerability - Pound Sterling Live

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Boris Johnson warns Theresa May Brexit transition cannot exceed two years -

Boris Johnson says the Brexit transition must last "not a second more" than two years as he laid out a series of challenges to Theresa May on the eve of the Conservative party conference. The Foreign Secretary insisted there can be "no monkeying around ...and more »

Conservative Conference: Danger lurks everywhere for Theresa May - Sky News

Theresa May insists she's in charge, but too many of her colleagues at the Conservative conference in Manchester don't believe it. 12:28, UK, Tuesday 03 October 2017. Theresa May. Image: Theresa May needs to find a way to lift the gloom at Tory ...and more »

Brexit: Boris Johnson urges two-year transition time limit - BBC News

Theresa May is coming under fresh pressure over Brexit on the eve of the Conservative party conference. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has again intervened on Brexit, setting out four conditions he says are necessary. Speaking to the Sun, Mr Johnson ...and more »

Boris Johnson increases pressure on May with fresh Brexit intervention - The Guardian

Boris Johnson has said any post-withdrawal transition period must not last “a second more” than two years, while some senior Conservatives have said Britain should walk away from Brexit negotiations by Christmas if no serious progress is being made ...and more »

Theresa May must walk away from Brexit talks by Christmas if trade negotiations are still on hold, Tory MPs say -

Theresa May must walk away from EU talks at Christmas if Brussels fails to start negotiating a trade deal by then, Tory MPs have told her on the eve of the Conservative Party Conference. Party grandees including former Brexit minister David Jones today ...and more »

Conservative conference: Top Tories turn on Boris Johnson and warn 'no one is unsackable' - The Independent

Cabinet ministers and senior Tories have warned Boris Johnson that “nobody is unsackable”, demanded he get behind Theresa May and made clear they do not want a leadership contest. The backlash against Mr Johnson was spelt out in the back rooms at the ...and more »