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Brexit is a chance to slash food prices while freeing our farmers from the subsidy straitjacket -

Brexit gives Britain the chance to look at agricultural policy from first principles for the first time in 40 years. We can now ask what sort of farm policy Britain needs to maintain the countryside we want – and in our new report we make very clear ...and more »

Post-Brexit Britain should phase out tariffs on food, says thinktank - The Guardian

Cattle on a farm in Iowa, USA. Critics fear that the UK will accept hormone-treated beef after leaving the EU. Photograph: Scott Olson/Getty Images. Farming. Post-Brexit Britain should phase out tariffs on food, says thinktank. Policy Exchange says EU ...and more »

We need a British Agricultural Policy to boost productivity and protect the environment - City A.M.

Who would have thought that one of the advantages of Brexit would be that we could plant more trees? (Source: Getty). Warwick Lightfoot. The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is the EU's largest and oldest policy, absorbing nearly 40 per cent of its ...and more »

Think-tank calls for end to farmers' food subsidies - Financial Times

Ministers should phase out all subsidies to farmers for food production by 2025 and instead focus on paying them for other activities such as protecting the environment, one of the UK's leading think-tanks has recommended. According to the report by ...and more »

Hard Brexit Could Mean Cheaper Food If We Abolish Tariffs, Policy Exchange Says - HuffPost UK

Britain should abolish tariffs on food imports after a hard Brexit to bring down prices that the EU has forced up by “stymying” trade deals, a leading think tank has said. As Britain reels at the prospect of Brexit meaning an influx of chlorinated ...and more »

The Yorkshire Post Says: Brexit is a once-in-a-generation chance to fix farming policy - Yorkshire Post

Brexit provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Britain to put in place its own agriculture policy rather than adhering to the EU's one-size-fits-all subsidy regime. This is the view of the Policy Exchange's new report, Farming Tomorrow, and it ...and more »

Pay farmers to protect environment, urges think tank -

Farming subsidies for food production should be phased out by 2025 and replaced with incentives to protect the environment, improve biodiversity, and increase flood prevention, an influential think tank urged today. A new Policy Exchange report hails ...and more »

Hard Brexit 'could mean cheaper food' if UK abolishes tariffs - think tank - Yahoo Finance UK

Britain should abandon tariffs on food imports after Brexit in order to bring down prices for consumers, a leading rightwing think tank has urged. The Policy Exchange claimed that phasing out tariffs on agricultural products could bring down prices and ...and more »

UK think tank calls for farm subsidies to be axed after Brexit - Agriland

Policy Exchange has advised the British government to phase-out direct subsidies and income support for farmers by 2025 – even though 87% of UK farm income comes from subsidies. In a report published today, August 1, the think tank said such a move ...and more »

Food essentials such as bread, milk and meat will be almost 20 per cent cheaper after Brexit, study finds - The Sun

FOOD essentials such as bread, milk and meat will be almost 20 per cent cheaper after Brexit, a major study suggests. A new British Agriculture Policy to replace mountains of EU red tape could see the UK “unilaterally” slash import tariffs that ...and more »