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Electing Jeremy Corbyn Labour leader has exposed how vacuous the hard Left really is -

Jeremy Corbyn only ran to be Labour leader to air some Left-wing ideas. He never really thought he'd have to implement them as party policy, or sell them to the nation at large as leader of her Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition. That realization ...and more »

Jeremy Corbyn campaign team asks for £10 donations to help fund management of 'selfie queues' -

Jeremy Corbyn'sofficial campaign team have asked subscribers to donate £10 to help fund the management of "selfie queues" at rallies. The Labour leader is often mobbed by fans who are desperate to get a picture of themselves with the politician. Mr ...and more »

Are trains in Britain as overcrowded as Jeremy Corbyn claims? - The Guardian

The Office of Rail and Road found Virgin Trains has the highest number of complaints per 100,000 journeys in the UK. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian. Virgin Trains. Are trains in Britain as overcrowded as Jeremy Corbyn claims? Virgin ...and more »

Jeremy Corbyn 'traingate' timeline: What happened after Labour leader claimed he couldn't get a seat on Virgin train - The Independent

The row dubbed 'traingate' involving Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Branson's Virgin Trains has intensified after CCTV footage emerged appearing to contradict initial claims that the Labour leader was forced to sit on the floor on a service from London to ...and more »

Jeremy Corbyn and the parable of the Virgin berth - Financial Times

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, has faced mockery after Virgin Trains released film footage which cast doubt on his claims that a train was so crowded he was forced to sit on the floor. The row has crystallised divisions between his opponents and his ...and more »

It's Not About The Seat, It Really Is All "About The Economy, Stupid!" - Huffington Post UK

So now Richard Branson has joined in the efforts to vilify Jeremy Corbyn. What is is that the Tories, the Murdoch press, the panicked wing of the Labour Party and now Branson, a man whose personal wealth rose by £86 million last year to a staggering £3 ...and more »

Jeremy Corbyn promises to reverse arts spending cuts - The Guardian

A boy plays a saxophone. Corbyn will 'set out a bold and inspiring policy programme for the arts'. Photograph: Alamy. Arts funding. Jeremy Corbyn promises to reverse arts spending cuts. Labour leader unveils arts strategy in Edinburgh, pledging to ...and more »

Jeremy Corbyn Virgin Trains row: Probe launched into possible data protection rule breach over CCTV footage release - The Independent

The Information Commissioner is looking into a possible breach of data protection rules after Richard Branson's Virgin Trains released CCTV footage of Jeremy Corbyn, in order to rebut his claims their service was "ram-packed". The railway company ...and more »

Labour isn't sexist because Jeremy Corbyn is 'a man of a certain age' - it's far worse -

Some would say it started with 'Blair's Babes'. Others would point the finger at the fact there's hasn't been a female leader in the party's entire 116 year history. Whatever you blame, Labour, it seems, reserves a special place in hell for women ...and more »

Jeremy Corbyn responds angrily to question about Virgin Trains: 'We're here to talk about the NHS' - The Independent

Asked whether “he could go back to this train issue”, Mr Corbyn, who looked visibly irritated by the line of questioning, responded: “Well no, can we move on please. We're discussing the NHS, can we have an NHS question.” The Sky News reporter ...and more »