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The 'real people' using encryption for privacy protection -

Once again, the UK's home secretary Amber Rudd has launched an attack on end-to-end encryption. Advertisement. Encryption explained: how apps and sites keep your private data safe (and why that's important). Encryption. Encryption explained: how apps ...and more »

UK urges tech giants to do more to prevent spread of extremism - The Guardian

Amber Rudd will urge social media companies to do more to remove online terrorist content during a series of meetings with tech giants including Twitter and Facebook, after a sharp increase in the number of plots foiled in the UK. The home secretary ...and more »

'Real' people want govts to spy on them, argues UK Home Secretary - The Register

Analysis UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd kicked off a firestorm in the tech community Tuesday when she argued that "real people" don't need or use end-to-end encryption. In an article in the Daily Telegraph timed to coincide with Rudd's appearance at a ...and more »

You're wrong, Amber Rudd – encryption is for 'real people' - New Scientist

The UK home secretary has claimed that end-to-end encryption only aids terrorists with something to hide. She's mistaken – here's how it benefits all of us. Amber Rudd. Rudd wants Silicon Valley to square the circle. Dan Kitwood/Getty. Amber Rudd is at ...and more »

Message encryption a problem - Rudd - BBC News

The major technology companies must step up their fight against extremism or face new laws, the home secretary has told the BBC. Amber Rudd said technology companies were not doing enough to beat “the enemy” on the internet. Encryption tools used by ...and more »

Why Amber Rudd's anti-WhatsApp encryption spiel is 'technologically illiterate rubbish' - International Business Times UK

If UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd listened to any cybersecurity expert for 10 minutes she would quickly come to understand how nonsensical her "incompetent, illiterate meddling" against strong encryption technology has come to be, experts warn. Rudd ...and more »

Is Amber Rudd's tech ambition California Dreaming? - Sky News

The Home Secretary faces an uphill task persuading tech firms to make changes to allow more state snooping, says Jason Farrell. 20:54, UK, Tuesday 01 August 2017. Video: 'Web giants must remove extremist content'. Jason Farrell. Senior Political ...and more »

I'm a real person and I think end-to-end encryption is good - Sky News

Amber Rudd's plan to make end-to-end encryption available to authorities has no basis in reality, writes Tom Cheshire. 11:35, UK, Wednesday 02 August 2017. WhatsApp claims it cannot read its user's messages, let alone the. Image: WhatsApp uses end ...and more »

Home secretary Amber Rudd will tell web giants to fight terrorism - The Times

Amber Rudd has flown to Silicon Valley to demand that Google, Facebook and other social media giants remove terrorist content from their platforms. The home secretary's trip follows a series of revelations in this newspaper about online radicalisation ...and more »

Amber Rudd: The little people don't need encryption - The INQUIRER

HOME SECRETARY Amber Rudd has claimed that only terrorists benefit from encryption and that the 'little people' don't need to have their personal, private WhatsApp messages protected from prying eyes - and if you do, that presumably makes you a likely ...and more »