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Doctor Who's Bill Potts to be show's first openly gay companion - The Guardian

Pearl Mackie with Peter Capaldi. She says it is 'about time' the Doctor had a gay full-time companion. Photograph: Ray Burmiston/BBC. Doctor Who. Doctor Who's Bill Potts to be show's first openly gay companion. Pearl Mackie, who plays Potts in upcoming ...and more »

Doctor Who gets first openly gay companion - BBC News

The new series of Doctor Who will see the Time Lord joined by his first openly gay companion. Bill Potts's sexuality will be revealed pretty much straightaway in her second line of dialogue when the show returns to BBC One on 15 April. "It shouldn't be ...and more »

The Doctor will travel with the first openly gay companion in the new series of Doctor Who - Business Insider

The latest in the long line of Doctor Who companions isn't likely to be a love-interest for the Time Lord. Pearl Mackie, who will play the new companion Bill Potts, has just confirmed her character will be openly gay. According to the BBC, Potts ...and more »

Doctor Who to get its first openly gay character -

Pearl Mackie, who plays Bill Potts in the upcoming series of Doctor Who, says the fact that her character is openly gay “shouldn't be a big deal in the 21st century. It's about time, isn't it?” The 29-year-old actress from London will be seen as the ...and more »

New Doctor Who sidekick Pearl Mackie 'given the boot after just one series' - Metro

New Doctor Who sidekick Pearl Mackie is set to be given the boot after just one series, it has been reported. Celebrity Big Brother: Andrew Brady admits he fancies 'hot' Courtney Act. The 29-year-old actress confirmed last week that she had been cast ...and more »

'Doctor Who' Makes History With First Openly Gay Companion - Hollywood Reporter

Doctor Who, the long-running British sci-fi television series, will make history with its upcoming season. Actress Pearl Mackie will play the first openly gay companion to the eponymous space-hopping doc. "It shouldn't be a big deal in the 21st century ...and more »

Giving Doctor Who a gay companion is Steven Moffat's smartest move yet. Now let's hope he keeps her alive -

For a 54-year-old show about a 2100-year-old character, Doctor Who has long been a trail-blazer. It started British TV's first merchandise boom and was one of the first programmes to use electronic music. It had Mary Whitehouse up in arms on a weekly ...and more »

Did you spot original Doctor Who companion Susan in new footage from series 10? - Radio Times

But along with Mackie's own thoughts on the positive message that decision sends, we were also shown some new footage from the upcoming Doctor Who series 10, and there are one or two interesting things to be spotted. The clip in question almost ...and more »

Pearl Mackie confirms Doctor Who's new companion will be gay - International Business Times UK

British actress who plays Bill Potts says 'about time' veteran sci-fi series featured a lead gay character. Priya Joshi. By Priya Joshi. March 31, 2017 21:02 BST. Dr Who Bill Potts is the Doctor's new companion in series 12 BBC. British actress Pearl ...and more »

'Doctor Who' announces its first gay lead character - The Daily Dot

Doctor Who included a few LGBTQ roles in the past (Jack Harkness even got his own spinoff, Torchwood), but Bill is the first openly gay lead character. Played by Pearl Mackie, she replaces Clara Oswald, who died at the end of season 9. “It shouldn't be ...and more »