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Shocking photos show plane left with huge hole in nose cone after bird strike on landing at Heathrow Airport - Daily Mail

These photos show the extensive damage a plane suffered after a bird strike as it came in to land at Heathrow Airport. The Egyptair Boeing 737-800 was on approach to the runway in London when it was hit by a bird on the nose of the aircraft. The plane ...and more »

Bird strike leaves huge dent in passenger jet as it lands at Heathrow - Evening Standard

This is the huge dent left in the nose of a passenger jet after a bird struck the plane as it landed at Heathrow Airport. The EgyptAir Boeing 737-800 was approaching the runway following a flight from Cairo when it collided with the bird, leaving ...and more »

Startling Pics Show What Happens to a Plane After a Bird Hit - NDTV

It's something of a David vs Goliath situation - a bird hit can put a plane seriously out of action, as passengers on an EgyptAir flight discovered first hand on March 11. The plane, with over 70 passengers on board, was left with a gaping hole after ...and more »

Bird hits passenger jet landing at Heathrow leaving a large bloody dent on its nose - The Independent

A bird has struck a passenger jet leaving a large dent in its nose as it was coming in to land at Heathrow. The EgyptAir flight from Cairo was grounded for 21 hours after the incident before a replacement nose could be located. Pictures of the damage ...and more »

EgyptAir passengers arrive in Cairo after bird strike delays flight from London - Ahram Online

An EgyptAir flight returning from London's Heathrow Airport to Cairo was delayed Friday to Saturday after a bird strike caused some damage to the nose of the airplane (flight MS 779) as it neared landing at London's largest airport, according to a ...and more »

Bird strike destroys passenger jet's nose -

A bird strike damaged the nose of a passenger jet as it landed at Heathrow Airport. More than 70 passengers were on board when the EgyptAir Boeing 737-800 was smothered in blood and feathers in the collision. The damaged radome on the EgyptAir ...and more »

Bird collision destroys nose of EgyptAir passenger jet landing at Heathrow Airport - ABC Online

A bird has collided with a passenger plane on its descent into Heathrow Airport, leaving a giant dent on the nose of the plane. Photos of the damaged Boeing 737-800 showed blood smears and major damage to the exterior of the front of the plane. The ...and more »

A bird made this massive hole in the nose of a plane - Metro

If you ever needed proof of what damage a bird can do when it hits a plane then you probably need to look no further than this picture. An EgyptAir flight was carrying 71 passengers when it was struck as it landed at London Heathrow. The easier way to ...and more »

Plane caked in blood as nose caved in by mid-air collision with a bird - Daily Star

More than 70 passengers were on board the plane when it was walloped by a bird at Heathrow Airport. Blood and feathers were spattered across the jet, which was approaching the runway after flying from Cairo. The jet, an EgyptAir Boeing 737-900, ...and more »

Accident: Egypt B738 at London on Mar 11th 2016, bird strike - The Aviation Herald

An Egyptair Boeing 737-800, registration SU-GDZ performing flight MS-779 from Cairo (Egypt) to London Heathrow,EN (UK) with 71 passengers, was on approach to Heathrow's runway 09L when a bird impacted and penetrated the nose of the aircraft.and more »