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Trump's 100-day rally: president launches attack on 'failing' media - The Guardian

The speech in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania returns to familiar campaign themes and includes a dig at the 'very boring' White House correspondents' dinner. Guardian staff. Sat 29 Apr 2017 21.07 EDT Last modified on Fri 9 Feb 2018 13.45 EST. Share on ...and more »

Trump Bashes Media, Hollywood and Correspondents' Dinner at 100th Day Rally - Variety

President Trump, marking his 100th day in office with a rally in Harrisburg, Pa., once again bashed media outlets as “fake news” while making much of the fact that his event was going on at the same time as the White House Correspondents' Association ...and more »

How Trump Could Get Fired - The New Yorker

The Constitution offers two main paths for removing a President from office. How feasible are they? By Evan Osnos. The history of besieged Presidencies is, in the end, the history of hubris, of blindness to one's faults, of deafness to warnings ...and more »

White House Correspondents Dinner host blasts Trump, despite being asked not to - The Independent

How do you hold the White House Correspondents Dinner, a long-running tradition of roasting the president, when the president is so famously bad at taking a joke? With Donald Trump declining to attend this year's event, host Hasan Minhaj of The Daily ...and more »

On his 100th day in office, Trump orders review of free trade agreements - USA TODAY

WASHINGTON — President Trump signed two more executive orders on the 100th day of his presidency Saturday, directing a review of U.S. involvement in NAFTA and other free trade agreements and creating a permanent trade policy office at the White House ...and more »

Trump celebrates 100-day mark by railing against the media — and seeking to steal spotlight from DC gala - Yahoo News

HARRISBURG, Pa. — President Trump was here to celebrate the achievements of his first 100 days in office, but first, he had a few words to say about the news media — more than a few words, actually. Taking the stage at a farm expo center here before ...and more »

White House correspondents' dinner: 'We are not the enemy,' say press corps - The Guardian

In the absence of star guest Donald Trump, the usually celebrity-filled soiree took a more serious turn to focus on defence of journalistic freedom. Staff and agencies. Sun 30 Apr 2017 01.13 EDT Last modified on Fri 9 Feb 2018 13.45 EST. Share on ...and more »

Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner: full frontal on Trump and media - The Guardian

When Samantha Bee announced in January that her weekly late night show Full Frontal would put on its own version of the White House correspondents' dinner (WHCD), it seemed, if briefly, that the actual event might not happen. In the event, the WHCD ...and more »

Samantha Bee's “Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner”: the best and worst moments - Vox

After months of being slammed by President Donald Trump himself for dealing in “fake news” and being a literal enemy of the American people, the media was honored on Saturday at Samantha Bee's “Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner” — a love ...and more »

Trump Savages News Media at Rally to Mark His 100th Day - New York Times

HARRISBURG, Pa. — President Trump came to a farm expo center here on Saturday to celebrate his first 100 days in office by bathing in the support of his bedrock supporters, reprising the populist themes of his campaign and savaging a familiar foe: the ...and more »