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France on maximum alert for May Day protests against Le Pen -

France will be on extra high alert on Monday as union members and protesters march against Marine Le Pen while her Front National party holds its annual gathering to honour Joan of Arc. As the FN pays tribute to the nationalist icon, union leaders and ...and more »

What would Emmanuel Macron as France's leader mean for Europe? - The Guardian

In a sign of how quickly European politics has moved, senior diplomats in the British embassy in Paris less than a decade ago held intense discussions about whether British officials could ever have a meeting with members of the French Front National ...and more »

Marine Le Pen takes her fight to the Right as Macron dips in polls -

Marine Le Pen took her fight for the French presidency to the Right-wing Riviera bastion of Nice last night slamming Emmanuel Macron as a puppet of "oligarchs" whose aim is to destroy and "dilute" France. Her claim came as one poll suggested that Mr ...and more »

Marine Le Pen admits lifting a section of Francois Fillon's speech -

Marine Le Pen has admitted that a section of a key French presidential campaign speech she made on Monday was lifted from one made by defeated conservative rival François Fillon just two weeks earlier. Shortly after the speech at a rally in Villepinte ...and more »

Can Emmanuel Macron solve France's economic riddle? - The Guardian

There is a familiar rhythm to French politics. President gets elected amid a wave of optimism. President says root and branch reform of the economy will lead to stronger growth and falling unemployment. President fails to deliver the promised ...and more »

Brigitte Macron: ever present beside France's presidential hopeful - The Guardian

Last July, when Emmanuel Macron was economy minister in François Hollande's government and his barely hidden presidential ambitions were dismissed as a naive fantasy by the political class, he held his first rally at a smart venue on Paris's Left Bank ...and more »

Why Emmanuel Macron's bid to haul France out of its economic malaise will be harder than he thinks -

He promised it would be different. The jubilant crowd bellowed Francois Hollande's name as the new French president took centre stage in Tulle to deliver his victory speech in 2012. “The French people have chosen change by pushing me to the presidency ...and more »

Across Europe the populist revolt is not in retreat. It's on pause -

Yesterday's conventional wisdom: A wave of insurgent populism is sweeping the West, threatening its foundational institutions – the European Union, the Western alliance, even liberal democracy itself. Today's conventional wisdom (post-first-round ...and more »

Emmanuel Macron's campaign 'targeted by Russia-linked hackers' -

Researchers with the Japanese anti-virus firm Trend Micro say the campaign of French presidential front-runner Emmanuel Macron has been targeted by Russia-linked hackers, adding more details to previous suggestions that the centrist politician was ...and more »

May Day in France overshadowed by tense, unpredicted presidential race - Xinhua

People attend an annual march for International Labor Day in Paris, capital of France, on May 1, 2017. (Xinhua/Chen Yichen). PARIS, May 1 (Xinhua) -- Thousands of French people took to the streets in many cities to mark the traditional May Day, with ...and more »