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'He saved my life': Brit climber killed in Yosemite died protecting wife from 1300 tonne rock fall -

A Brit crushed to death by 1,300 tonnes of rock in Yosemite National Park was killed trying to save his wife, it has emerged. Climbing enthusiasts Andy and Lucy Foster were celebrating their first year of marriage with an adventure holiday in ...and more »

Yosemite climber died saving his wife from El Capitan rockfall - New York Daily News

A climber crushed during a rockfall at El Capitan while celebrating his one-year wedding anniversary used his body to shield his 28-year-old wife from the crumbling cliff side. Andrew and Lucy Foster were excited to celebrate their first wedding ...and more »

'He dived on top of me': Woman injured in Yosemite rockfall says husband died shielding her - Washington Post

The person who was killed Wednesday after a large rock fell off Yosemite National Park's popular El Capitan rock formation has been identified as Andrew Foster, a 32-year-old climber from Wales, according to British media. The falling rock also ...and more »

One Dead as Two Major Rockfalls in Two Days Rattle Yosemite's El Capitan - Gizmodo

At least one man is dead following a dramatic series of rockslides at Yosemite's iconic El Capitan on Wednesday. A second “significantly larger” rockfall occurred a day later, dropping thousands of tons of rock to the forest floor below. For a period ...and more »

British climber died 'trying to save his wife's life' after huge Yosemite rock slide - Metro

The British climber who was crushed by an 'apartment'-sized rock at Yosemite National Park was killed attempting to save his wife. Andrew Foster, 32, was trapped when more than 1,000 tonnes of rock fell from the face of the El Capitan monolith on ...and more »

Climber dies saving wife on 1-year anniversary trip - AOL

A Welsh man died saving his wife's life during their one-year anniversary trip at Yosemite National Park on Thursday, reports said. Andrew Foster, 32, was on a three-week trip with his wife, Lucy, 28, when tragedy struck as 1,300 tons of rock fell from ...and more »

Climber killed by Yosemite rock fall 'saved wife' - BBC News

A climber who was killed by falling rocks at Yosemite National Park in California saved his wife's life, his aunt has said. Andrew Foster, 32, from Cardiff, was trapped while his wife, Lucy, 28, was seriously hurt when granite fell from the El Capitan ...and more »

British climber Andrew Foster's wife says he died saving her from 1000-ton Yosemite rockfall - The Independent

A British climber who was crushed by falling rocks at Yosemite National Park was killed saving his wife's life. Andrew Foster, 32, was trapped when more than 1,000 tonnes of rock fell from the face of the El Capitan monolith on Wednesday. He is thought ...and more »

Climber who died in rock fall at Yosemite was celebrating first wedding anniversary - Fox News

The British man killed Wednesday after being crushed by a granite slab that fell off of Yosemite National Park's El Capitan formation was celebrating his first wedding anniversary with his wife. Witnesses saw Andrew Foster, 32, and his wife, Lucy, 28 ...and more »

No increased danger after Yosemite rocks fall - Phys.Org

A geological analysis Friday found there was no more danger than usual of another giant rock fall after two huge slides, including one involving a slab of granite the size of a 36-story building, occurred this week on the famed El Capitan rock ...and more »