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Hero pilot lands plane full of tourists 'blind' after hailstones crack windscreen and 'severely' damage jet -

A hero pilot has landed a plane full of 127 tourists "blind" after giant hailstones severely damaged the plane's nose and cockpit cracking the aircraft's windscreen. Amazing footage shows how the pilot's brave actions saved the lives of those on board ...and more »

Pilot lands Airbus at Ataturk airport 'blind' after hailstones shatter windscreen - The Independent

A pilot carried out a heart-stopping emergency landing during which he couldn't see – after giant hailstones shattered the windscreen of his severely damaged jet. Captain Alexander Akopov picked up the Ukrainian Order For Courage in his home country ...and more »

Pilot Lands Plane 'Blind' In Turkey During Mammoth Storm - Huffington Post Australia

The storm hit the aircraft flying from Istanbul to Northern Cyprus just 10 minutes after take-off. Akopov gained permission to land at Ataturk, despite the airport being closed to other flights. Anadolu Agency via Getty Images Hail the size of golf ...and more »

Pilot Impressively Lands Plane 'Blind' After Hail Destroys Windshield - Travel+Leisure

After giant hail — the size of golf balls — shattered the windshield of the Airbus A320, AtlasGlobal Captain Alexander Akopov successfully landed the aircraft at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport on Thursday, saving 121 passengers and six crew members on ...and more »

Jaw-dropping pictures show what hailstones can do to your aircraft - Mashable

Take Alexander Akopov, the Ukrainian captain whose Cyprus-bound aircraft carrying 127 people was battered by a epic hailstorm just 10 minutes after take-off from Istanbul's Ataturk Airport. Golfball-sized hailstones damaged the A320's nose, shattering ...and more »

Hero Pilot Lands Safely Through Giant Hail - Popular Mechanics

Stunning footage out of Turkey shows a Ukrainian commercial pilot saving the lives of his entire flight while his plane was being smashed with huge hailstones. An error occurred. Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is ...and more »

Brave Pilot Save 127 Passenger After Giant Hailstones Shatter At Istanbul Airport Ataturk - Week Facts

A pilot completed a heart-halting crisis arriving amid which he couldn't see – after goliath hailstones smashed the windscreen of his seriously harmed fly. Chief Alexander Akopov grabbed the Ukrainian Order For Courage in his nation of origin in the ...and more »

Heart-stopping moment hero pilot flies completely 'blind' to bring 127 tourists safely to earth after golf ball ... - Daily Mail

Incredible footage has emerged of a hero pilot's heart-stopping emergency landing as he flew completely 'blind' to bring 127 tourists safely to earth after golf ball sized hailstones shattered the windscreen of his 'severely damaged' jet. Captain ...and more »

Hero pilot lands plane 'blind' in Istanbul as hailstones shatter windscreen - Sky News

The Airbus A320 had 121 passengers and six crew on board, who all broke out into applause as the plane came to a halt. 12:56, UK, Tuesday 01 August 2017. Atlasglobal jet pilot makes blind landing in Istanbul after hailstones shatter windscreen. Image ...and more »

An Amazing Pilot Saved 127 People By Landing A Battered Plane In A Hailstorm - AskMen

A pilot has been given a medal of honor after he incredibly landed a plane in a hailstorm without being able to see through the windshield. Long Story. With so many automated functions on an airplane, flying on a commercial flight these days is pretty ...and more »