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How the ice bucket challenge led to an ALS research breakthrough - The Guardian

In this image from video posted on Facebook, George W. Bush participates in the ice bucket challenge with the help of his wife, Laura Bush. Photograph: AP/George W. Bush Presidential Center. Medical research. How the ice bucket challenge led to an ALS ...and more »

Remember the ice bucket challenge? It just funded an ALS breakthrough - The Guardian

Singer Rita Ora does the ice bucket challenge on the street in New York City. Photograph: Broadimage/REX. Charities. Remember the ice bucket challenge? It just funded an ALS breakthrough. The ALS Association says money raised by viral charity challenge ...and more »

The Ice Bucket Challenge has just funded an 'exciting' ALS breakthrough -

Remember the summer of 2014 when everyone was pouring buckets of freezing water over their heads for the Ice Bucket Challenge? You couldn't scroll through your Facebook feed without seeing videos of family, friends and celebrities taking part in the ...and more »

The Ice Bucket Challenge just funded an ALS breakthrough -

A breakthrough in ALS research has been made thanks to funding from the Ice Bucket Challenge social media campaign. Advertisement. A newly identified gene, NEK1, now ranks among the most common genes that contributes to the disease, presenting ...and more »

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? It Helped Fund the Discovery of a New ALS Gene - TIME

A group of people participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at on August 21, 2014 in Beijing, China. VCG—VCG via Getty Images. By Emma Ockerman. July 27, 2016. TIME Health. For more, visit TIME Health. The viral Ice Bucket Challenge, which swept the ...and more »

Ice Bucket Challenge Funds Breakthrough In ALS Research - Huffington Post UK

If you threw freezing cold water over yourself as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge back in 2014, prepare to give yourself one big pat on the back. Money raised from the social media trend has helped scientists make a discovery that could help people ...and more »

It Looks Like the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Has Finally Paid Off - Fortune

Remember the “Ice Bucket Challenge?” The 2014 campaign raised millions of dollars by getting people to dump ice-cold water on their heads to raise money for the ALS Association. While the videos of everyone from George W. Bush to Ben Affleck to General ...and more »

Ice Bucket Challenge Cash Helped Pay for ALS Gene Discoveries - Live Science

New clues about the genetics involved in Lou Gehrig's disease are revealed today in two new studies, thanks in large part to donations from the wildly popular Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014. The findings could one day lead to gene therapy treatments, in ...and more »

Ice Bucket Challenge's 2nd anniversary celebrates its gene discovery - CNN

(CNN) Throwback to 2014, the year of the Ellen DeGeneres Oscar selfie, Pharrell's giant hat, and the Ice Bucket Challenge. These fads "broke the internet" (a phrase also coined in 2014) dominating social media feeds across the globe. But one of these ...and more »

Ice Bucket Challenge funds gene discovery in ALS (MND) research - BBC News

The Ice Bucket Challenge that went viral in 2014 has funded an important scientific gene discovery in the progressive neurodegenerative disease ALS, the ALS Association says. Scientists have identified a new gene contributing to the disease, NEK1. The ...and more »