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Is this really the Brexit election? - The Conversation UK

Harold D Clarke receives funding from the National Science Foundation (US) and the ESRC (UK). Matthew Goodwin is a a Senior Fellow at UK In a Changing Europe. He receives funding from the ESRC and the UK In a Changing Europe programme. This article ...and more »

Theresa May accused of hiding from public at activist-filled event - The Guardian

Theresa May speaks at the campaign event at the Shine centre in Leeds. Photograph: Pool/Reuters. Jeremy Corbyn has criticised Theresa May for speaking at a Leeds community regeneration project to a crowd of Conservative activists, rather than users of ...and more »

Corbynism might not actually end – even if Labour loses the election - The Conversation UK

Because the general election looks set to produce an impressive win for the Conservatives, its main interest lies not in the result itself but in the result of that result. The House of Commons will look very different on June 9, and the implications ...and more »

Jeremy Corbyn Turning Off Labour Voters, HuffPost UK-Edelman Focus Group Finds - HuffPost UK

Jeremy Corbyn is seen by voters as “scary”, “silly”, “a joke”, “a wet blanket” – and the biggest obstacle to them backing Labour in the general election, a new HuffPost UK-Edelman focus group has found. Men and women from 'ordinary working families' in ...and more »

Labour donor pledges to stand against Corbyn in general election - The Guardian

Michael Foster was suspended by Labour after launching a legal bid in 2016 to oust Jeremy Corbyn. Photograph: Peter Nicholls/Reuters. A prominent Labour donor has pledged to stand against Jeremy Corbyn in the general election if he does not stand down ...and more »

If The Election Continues On This Path - The Conservatives Will Steam Roller Everyone Else - HuffPost UK

Jeremy Corbyn is a solvent, dissolving the bonds between traditional Labour voters and their party. Just as we saw in Scotland, working class voters brought up in Labour voting families, are considering putting their cross in a different box for the ...and more »

Analysis: What Slough's HuffPost UK-Edelman Focus Group Tells Us About Labour - HuffPost UK

“I'm a Labour supporter, always have been,” said Ricky, an HGV driver. “But I'll vote Conservative to get Jeremy Corbyn out.” Like several of our focus group, Ricky had a visceral dislike of Labour's leader - in a seat that has been held by the party ...and more »

Election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn claims Tories are planning a 'Brexit for the few' offering tax cuts to the super-rich - The Independent

Jeremy Corbyn is warning of a "Brexit for the few", claiming the Tories plan to hand out any savings “as tax cuts to the super-rich and their corporations”. The Labour leader will attempt to win over Leave-backing voters by arguing they will not see ...and more »

The digital economy should be at the centre of the General Election debate - City A.M.

What are people thinking going into the General Election on 8 June? Chances are it is not about how to make the UK the best place to start and grow a digital business. The Conservatives want to talk about Brexit and Theresa May's leadership. Jeremy ...and more »

Inside Corbyn's Office - Jacobin magazine

Jeremy Corbyn's former press officer on sabotage within the party, his relationship to the media, and how Labour can close the polling gap. Issue 28. The Health of Nations. Preview our new issue, featuring an exclusive interview with Bernie Sanders ...and more »