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Corbyn sacks three frontbenchers after single market vote - The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn has sacked three Labour frontbenchers who voted against the party in favour of a Queen's speech amendment calling for Britain to remain within the customs union and single market. Queen's speech passes as 50 Labour MPs defy Corbyn and ...and more »

Labour refuses call to criticise Theresa May for pulling Britain out of EU single market in Lords vote - The Independent

Labour has refused to back an amendment put forward by one of its senior peers criticising Theresa May for pulling Britain out of the EU single market. Jeremy Corbyn ordered his peers to abstain on the vote, despite leading Labour figures hinting, in ...and more »

Canterbury: 'We made a difference. You don't have to accept things as they are' - The Guardian

After the most stunning election in recent history, Guardian reporters are writing from four key constituencies to make sense of the results. In Canterbury, Harriet Sherwood and photographer Martin Godwin find renewed enthusiasm for Labour in a ...and more »

Labour's single market rebels vow to continue to pressure PM on Brexit - The Guardian

Theresa May. The amendment calling for the UK to remain in the single market and customs union won the backing of more than 100 MPs, including 49 Labour rebels. Photograph: Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA. Labour backbenchers who tabled an amendment calling ...and more »

Momentum Activists Take Control Of Local Labour Parties Ahead of Brighton Conference - HuffPost UK

The grassroots campaign group Momentum is building on Jeremy Corbyn's general election “surge” by taking control of local parties ahead of the annual Labour conference, HuffPost UK can reveal. In a move to entrench Corbyn's vision and direction, the ...and more »

Labour includes key manifesto pledges in new Queen's speech amendment - The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn will hope to see off a rival Labour amendment that would commit the UK to fully remaining in the customs union and single market. Photograph: PA. Labour will put key planks of its manifesto to the House of Commons on Thursday, including ...and more »

Brexit: Labour rebels vow to continue single market fight - BBC News

Labour MPs who back staying in the EU single market have vowed to keep the pressure up on the government and their own leadership in the Brexit process. Fifty Labour MPs defied Jeremy Corbyn's orders and backed single market membership in a vote on ...and more »

Theresa May's fragile grip on power exposed as she accepts Labour abortion change to Queen's speech -

Theresa May's fragile grip on power was exposed yesterday as she was forced to agree to demands from a backbench Labour MP for a change in abortion laws to head off a historic defeat in the House of Commons. The Prime Minister's concession followed ...and more »

The Centrist Suicide Note - Jacobin magazine

Jeremy Corbyn's recent success has finally deflated New Labour's favorite boogeyman: Michael Foot's 1983 general election defeat. Jeremy Corbyn in Glasgow on June 7, 2017. jeremy_corbynmp / Instagram. The Keynesian Counterrevolution · Mike Beggs · Elon ...and more »

Emily Thornberry accuses Chuka Umunna of virtue signalling on EU vote - The Guardian

Emily Thornberry … 'the last thing we want is for there to be faux battles.' Photograph: Christian Sinibaldi for the Guardian. Emily Thornberry accused Chuka Umunna and other Labour Brexit rebels of “virtue signalling”, and fighting “faux battles ...and more »