For nearly 130 years, we've been getting dinosaurs' family tree all wrong - International Business Times UK

Another look at the evolutionary history of dinosaurs resolves a long-standing puzzle about birds' earliest ancestors. Martha Henriques. By Martha Henriques. March 23, 2017 08:06 GMT. Play Video. Play. Mute. Current Time 0:00. /. Duration Time 0:00.and more »

Scientists uproot dinosaur family tree - Daily Times

PARIS: For 130 years, dinosaurs have been classified as either bird or reptile-hipped, the first and all important split in the trunk of an intricate family tree. On Wednesday, a "revolutionary" study threatened to upend what has long been taken as ...and more »

Dinosaur family tree might be uprooted by new fossil study - New Atlas

The dinosaur family tree is about 130 years old, but it may not stand the test of time. Based on a new study of dozens of fossils and tens of thousands of specific anatomical features, scientists from the University of Cambridge and the London Natural ...and more »

New study shakes up dinosaur family tree for T. Rex and pals - Hindustan Times

In this April 15, 2014 file photo, a cast of a Tyrannosaurus rex discovered in Montana greets visitors as they enter the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington. Tyrannosaurus Rex and his buddies are on the move as a new study proposes a ...and more »

Twist In The Tail: Dinosaur Family Tree May Not Be What It Was Believed To Be - Science Times

A new research has suggested that the earliest of the dinosaurs might have belonged to what is present day Scotland. This revelation has put question marks over the 130-year-old theory of dinosaurs' evolution. It is also a major "shake-up" for the old ...and more »

Dinosaur Family Tree Questioned By New Study Which Moves Dinosaur Origin To Northern Hemisphere - International Business Times

Kulindadromeus, a small bipedal ornithischian dinosaur that is now part of the new grouping Ornithoscelida and identified as more obviously sharing an ancestry with living birds. Photo: Pascal Godefroid. For the past 130 years or so, the taxonomy of ...and more »

The T-rex and several other dinosaurs may have come from modern-day UK, suggests new research -

The animals emerged 245 million years ago instead of 230 million years, as has been believed so far, said the scientists. Scroll Staff. Published 3 hours ago. Updated 2 hours ago. The T-rex and several other dinosaurs may have come from modern-day UK ...and more »

Identity Crisis: New Hypothesis Suggests Radical Changes to the Dinosaur Family Tree - Nature World News

A new study offers a new system for categorizing dinosaurs, shaking up the 130-year-old system based on hip shape. (Photo : Dan Kitwood/Getty Images). Although dinosaurs have been extinct for millions and millions of years, we continue to be fascinated ...and more »

After 130 Years, We Might Have to Completely Redraw the Dinosaur Family Tree - ScienceAlert

Scientists are claiming that the classification of two major dinosaur groups has been wrong for over a century, and if they're right, it would be like everyone realising that some types of "cats" are actually dogs. The controversial paper has also ...and more »

New view of dinosaurs could radically reshape their family tree - The Sydney Morning Herald

The dinosaur family tree may need to be radically rewritten – and even uprooted and replanted elsewhere, a new analysis of about 75 different species shows. The findings, published in the journal Nature, hint that dinosaurs may have originated in the ...and more »